women in the house

Many of them hold significant positions of power and influence including Speaker of the House, Representative Nancy Pelosi from California. ... Congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson represents Congressional District of Texas in the United States House of Representatives.. ..

live video: mn house channel

REPLAY Minnesota House committee heard Tuesday from environmental activists, mining advocates and other stakeholders on the controversial copper-nickel mining proposal for Minnesota that is being advanced by PolyMet Mining Corporation... ..

lamont hiring three senators, two house members

Democrats won majorities of 23-13 in Senate and 92-59 in House, though one House race still is being contested. ... House Speaker Joe Aresimowicz and Majority Leader Matt Ritter unveiled new leadership assignments Thursday for General Assembly session, including new co-chairs..

house member block resolution to end yemen war

On Wednesday, House Republicans blocked resolution to end Yemen by ending US military support for Saudi Arabia and UAE.. ... Invoking War Powers Act on Wednesday gave Yemen resolution privileged status, allowing it to bypass the process involving legislation passing through committees before..

house session unlikely before december-end

national education bill is being debated in Education Committee of HoR while citizenship bill is being debated in State Affairs and Good Governance Committee of Lower House.. Lower House must also initiate the process on three bills    the bills related to administrative court and..

mira ricardel forced out of white house

In statement, press Sarah Sanders said, Mira Ricardel will continue to support President as she departs White House to transition to role within the Administration. ... Ricardel seemed to have crossed in taking on the office over the trip, making what some viewed White House official told..

michigan republicans cling to state house, senate

No matter the outcome, Michiganders have made it clear that they are ready for change at the state house and House Democrats are ready to get the job done alongside our next governor, Gretchen Whitmer, .. ... Rick Snyder carried the top of the ticket by more than 18 percentage points..

incumbent or house members re-elected

AP-OR--Election 2018- House- Oregon,2nd Ld-Writethru... PORTLAND, Ore — Oregon's five congressional representatives have all been re-elected... ... In 2017, Schrader was one of just six Democrats in House who voted for bill that would allow concealed handgun licensees to carry their..

democratic-controlled house

Democrats hoping the election will give them in House of Representatives. ... Constitution's requirement that they muster two-thirds vote in House of Representatives and two-thirds vote in Senate. ..

new york theater quiz october 2018

How well were you paying attention to the theater, and theater news, October. ...    Politics and the Arts    religion and theater    sexual harassment    subscriptions    theater and healing    Tweeting    violence on stage    women in the arts. ..

obama welcomes trump to white house

US President Barack Obama meets with President-elect Donald Trump in Oval Office at White House, Washington, DC, November 10, 2016 Embed.. US President Barack Obama and President-elect Donald Trump have held their first ever meeting at White House, touching on various issues including the..

what susan rice's white house promotion means

In the highly centralized White House foreign-policy and operation, even one of Kerry's stature, does little to set the administration's overarching policy. ... Politically, the administration has seen no upside to Libyan intervention, and in very White House, these domestic..

shakespeare's house

As our curiosity was aroused by this BBC news article about Reverend Francis Gastrell demolishing Shakespeare’s house in 1759, we thought we’d do a quick search for this tale in the Archive. . ..

tax deduction limit looms in house races

Underscoring that point, Republican leaders in House proposed changes to the law, including making the $10, and local tax deductions permanent. ... People starting to see the benefits of tax reform in the economy, said Walters, one of House Republicans from California. ..

top 10 deaths inside the white house

1950, Ross returned to his in White House to prepare for his upcoming televised news statements scheduled for that afternoon. ... Caroline Harrison, wife of the president of United States, Benjamin Harrison, was in remodeling White House, including the installation of electricity. ..

house passes 'comprehensive' opioid bill

After a floor debate laced with stories of the toll drug addiction has taken across Connecticut, House on Monday passed what legislators described as comprehensive measure aimed at curbing the epidemic of opioid and heroin abuse.. ... Prasad Srinivasan, R-Glastonbury, House Republican on..

house adopts controversial state budget

Chris Davis of Ellington, House Republican on the legislature's Finance, Revenue and Bonding Committee, said opposition to tax increases also was strong, officials is clear... ... The budget deal almost fell apart in the final days as many rank-and-file members of House and Senate's..

white house targets dark money campaign donors

The secretive welfare groups that enjoyed exemption from taxation while pouring millions of dollars into political advertising during the 2012 elections may find their influence curtailed in the future, if new proposed guidance from Treasury Department and Internal Revenue Service is any guide. . ..

house votes to pay furloughed federal workers

The plan involves rarely used discharge petition that would dislodge existing bill from committee and send it to House if majority of lawmakers in the chamber sign the petition.. ... Boehner tried on Friday to squelch reports that he would ease the way to debt ceiling increase, stressing that..

from television centre to broadcasting house.

From Television Centre to Broadcasting House.. Published on March 19, 2013 BBC One, BBC and Videos Broadcast News Comment Tags bbc news, broadcasting house, television centre... > Quicktime H.264 > iOS Compatible > Watch Flash. > Quicktime H.264 > iOS Compatible > Watch in Flash. ..

indiana house district 6

Patrick Bauer, Speaker of House. Indiana University Occupation Educator Political experience House Speaker, Kevin Mitschelen Party Republican Age Education Anderson University graduate Occupation Gates Automotive Group Political experience None House Bill 1001 made many changes..

indiana house district 23

University of Indianapolis, 1971 Occupation Farmer Political experience Township assessor, county council, county auditor, state House Bill 1001 made many changes to state tax laws in effort to relieve the property tax burden on residents. ... If elected to House, what would be your top..

u.s. house 2nd district

House of Representatives, Indiana District 2, 2004 Top priorities 1. ... Political experience Legislative assistant to State House of Representatives, Olympia, Wash., Tax Reform, Olympia, Wash. ..

house oks `partial-birth' ban

WASHINGTON — The House voted Wednesday night to ban series of procedures that critics call partial birth abortion, handing abortion opponents their biggest legislative win in more than decade.. ... By including more description of, Authors of House bill addressed the court's concerns..

house oks death penalty changes

Senate approved similar measure last week, House amended it, meaning that the bill must now go back to Senate for final action... ... Both House and Senate versions of the bill call for creation of special commission that would spend two years studying the penalty. ..

house approves religious rights measure

WASHINGTON — Divided mainly along party lines, House of Representatives debated at length on Thursday whether liberty or civil rights should take precedence when the two principles come into conflict.. ... The White House issued statement saying President Clinton supports the bill and..

house passes limited campaign reform bill

campaign-finance reform bill won Friday in House of Representatives -- only after Democrats, the role of reformers, voted to reject Republican ban on controversial ``soft in state campaigns.. ... Ritter said Democratic leaders of both House and Senate had agreed on the bill's contents,..

house: marriage for heterosexuals only

WASHINGTON - — The House, acting on potent social issue in the heat of campaign season, embraced measure on Friday that would define marriage as union only and limit marriage rights for men and lesbians.. ... On House on Friday, Barr charged that opponents of the bill sought to throw..

house oks strict megan's law bill

House of Representatives yesterday approved version of Megan's Law, .. ... Piccola did say, however, that with the 170-26 vote on the amendment, House members spoke that they wanted in the bill.. ..

santerians celebrate with open house

HIALEAH — open house complete with native chants, music and ceremonies was held Sunday for what is hailed small blue and white A-frame house on corner lot.. ... Inside the church, in what was room of single-family house, people kneeled on mat at alter surrounded by candles,..

house: punish south africa now

The House action was the second defeat in as many days on Capitol Hill for the policy of engagement with South Africa's white-dominated government.. ... Today House rejected Reagan policy of South Africa, said House Speaker Tip O'Neill.. ..

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