january 2019 honduras coup update : la imc

printable version - js reader version - view hidden posts - tags and related articles . . . by Sydney With Honduras Wednesday, Feb. 13, 2019 at 12:05 AM . latinamerica.emergency@gmail.com https://sydneywithhonduras.wordpress.com/2019/01/08/december-2018-honduras-coup-update/ This January..

daniela pastrana

It's moving fast, despite the fact that one-third of its ranks are made up of children, and it has managed to avoid the multiple obstacles that the governments of Honduras, Guatemala and now Mexico, under pressure from United States, have thrown up in effort to stop it... ... In early May,..


CPJ called on Honduran authorities to investigate threats against freelance Nina Lakhani - who is Honduras to cover the high-profile trial of eight men charged in the murder of indigenous Berta Cáceres - and to ensure journalists are able to report from the country. ‎ ... Eight years after..

central america needs a marshall plan

The administration claimed that conditions had improved Honduras to warrant suspension of protected status, despite the fact that Honduras has one of the homicide rates in the world.. ... In Honduras, U.S with Alliance for Peace and Justice helped collect data on violence, vet..

new migrant caravan forms in central america

Migrants from Honduras, part of new caravan from Central America trying to reach United States, walk along Esquipulas, Guatemala January 16, 2019. ... Honduran woman carries daughter set to head to United States, at San Pedro Sula, Honduras, January 14. ..

central america: a challenge for amlo

On the other hand, thousands of Nicaraguans have traveled to Costa Rica and Honduras, fleeing from the repression that started last April shortly after Daniel Ortega was elected. ... Notwithstanding, several plans with fancy names and last names have been applied Sanford, Tuxtla Gutiérrez,..

migrants, not criminals

By families and entire communities from, In the last weeks the country has been crossed by sometimes on foot, sometimes by bus, not by individuals, except Honduras and El Salvador, mainly.. ... The Medina Gutiérrez family fled Honduras because of the violence sparked off by Mara..

october 2018 honduras coup update : la imc

On both Honduras and Guatemalan sides of the border, the pathways were militarised at Agua Caliente and El Amatillo borders of Honduras with Guatemala and El Salvador, borders were militarised with Honduran soldiers to force people fleeing JOH regime to go back to their homes. ..

flouted justice for berta

The goal of the legal process they have mounted has been to get to the truth of what happened Berta's case, and economic systems in place that perpetuate racism, dispossession, and Honduras. . ... By the justice system along the way will contribute to the long history of in, Berta's wants..

trump's caravan hysteria sparked a massacre

United States has informed President of Honduras that no more money or aid will be given to Honduras, effective immediately... We have today informed the countries of Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador that or others, to journey through their borders and up to United States,..

new migrant caravan hopes to reach u.s.

Activists Honduras with whom Blade has spoken over the year say Honduran government has not done enough to address violence, prompts LGBTI people to leave the country. ... group of 16 trans and gay migrants from Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala and Mexico. ..

'march of the migrant' heads north

man carries child on the west side of Honduras October 14, 2018. Hondurans rest inside Honduras October 14, 2018. Hondurans rest Honduras October 14, 2018. Hondurans travel on the back of pick up Santa Rosa de Copan, Honduras October 14, 2018. ..

children forced on a dangerous journey

U.S government supported the rise and maintenance of military rule Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras U.S. ... allying with Venezuela's Hugo Chávez, it raised the possibility that Honduras might withdraw from CAFTA to join Venezuelan-led trade pact known as Bolivarian Alliance for..

honduras: reject amnesty for abuses during coup

- The proposal by Porfirio Lobo, winner of Honduras disputed election on November 29, 2009, for an amnesty for all of those involved in June coup d'état violates the country's international obligations and undermines the rule of law, today.. ... By investigating and prosecuting the violators as..

honduras: oas should press for end to abuses

Police officers and soldiers stand guard after dispersing supporters of ousted Honduras President Manuel Zelaya outside the Brazilian embassy in Tegucigalpa on September 22, 2009. . © 2009 Reuters The Organization of American States should press the Honduran de facto government to halt the excessive..

honduras: rights report shows need for increased

. © 2009 Reuters - The finding by Inter-American Commission on Human Rights of widespread abuses Honduras should compel the community to take firm action, such as targeted sanctions, to resolve the country's ongoing crisis, today.. ... In the context of this inaction, and the commission concluded..


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