ukrainian-americans must speak out

In doing Civil War, famine, Stalinism, Nazi, extermination at Babi Yar, Holocaust, Chernobyl, Soviet Union's collapse and its aftermath, etc. Trump has been accused by to-date whistleblower of withholding allocated defense funding for Ukraine - needed for countering Russian aggression -..


Therefore, to prevail, that Southern Poverty Law Center acted with actual malice against the ministry skinheads, white nationalists, KKK, and Holocaust deniers. Donald Trump wants to alter libel law to make it easier to sue members of the media and collect big damage awards. ..

state of the union one day later

Trump's Nazi Praise for Holocaust survivors, and touching rendition of. Trump hates minorities Brags about record low black, Hispanic, and Asian unemployment — while white-clad Democratic women, white themselves, sat prune-faced.. ..

marlette: welcome to the people’s republic of matt gaetz

By doodle depicting him and his, Apparently, Baby Gaetz's snowflake sensitivities were triggered Holocaust denying State of Union date endorsing Ron DeSantis. day later, President Trump would belch forth the phrase, referring to CNN Jim Acosta for asking questions the president did not..

why jews should vote democratic in 2018

Israel’s qualitative military advantage; some of his actions with regard to Israel and the Palestinians make peace less likely and violence more likely; in his January 2016 Holocaust Remembrance Day statement, he omitted any mention of Jews, which led Holocaust expert Deborah Lipstadt to call it..

sean hannity, useful idiot.

Here’s a roadmap to today’s show: Scaramucci, Holocaust humor & watering down the social norms (0:00); Trump refusing to talk about the special forces lost in Niger (11:23); the US Chamber of Commerce won’t endorse Roy Moore (15:04); McCain calls Trump “unpatriotic” (18:49); an..

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