the lies about world war ii

Irving never directly addresses in either book the Holocaust. He does document the massacre of many Jews, but the picture that emerges from the factual evidence is that the holocaust of Jewish people was different from the official Zionist story. . ... It is amazing how much power Zionists..

my community never told me

You never told me that Israel was created  despite the Holocaust rather than  because of the Holocaust. ... Jewish Holocaust survivors spent years living in these camps, sometimesamong Nazi war criminals while the world continued to look the other way. . ..

from pittsburgh to poway: what do we do now?

Yet, the Holocaust showed quite clearly that neither assimilation nor isolation were successful approaches to confronting the threat of anti-Semitism. . ... As is often said, the Holocaust did not begin with gas chambers … but with words, stereotypes and prejudice, sometimes presented as..

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