stalin-hitler pact turns 80

By 1940, Stalin supplied Hitler's Germany with 900,000 tons of mineral oil, 100 tons of scrap iron, 500,000 tons of iron ore and other important minerals.  ... Stalin- Hitler Pact prompted many Americans, Jewish and otherwise, to leave Communist Party, never to return. ..

the rise of the american gestapo

Adolf Hitler is alive and well in United States, and he is fast rising to power. — Paul Craig Roberts, former Assistant Secretary of Treasury, on the danger posed by FBI to our civil liberties.. ... FBI was in the decades after World War II, FBI, along with other government agencies,..

when stalin faced hitler

For time, he recovered his personal and political equilibrium in his pact with Hitler, delivered bounty of German industrial tools, enabled the conquest and Sovietization of tsarist borderlands, and reinserted Soviet Union into the role of arbitrating world affairs. ..

the producers, reviewed by deborah klugman

So, the pair decides to aim low and, settle on godawful politically offensive musical, Springtime for Hitler, convinced that it's debacle. ... The best performances come from among the ensemble flawlessly calibrated Andrew Diego as the swishing, simpering of  Springtime for Hitler's (..

burying hitler’s heroic opponents 75 years late

even after D-Day landings, creating war, counting Italy, Hitler still inspired loyalty and resistance, dragging Germany and the rest of Europe toward the abyss. For instance, in 1943 the detonator failed on bomb placed on Hitler's plane when he was returning from Soviet Union to Germany...

debunking myths of ‘red-brown’ alliances

Stalin knew Germany would eventually 'drive to East and needed time if USSR was to withstand Wehrmacht and the agreement thwarted West's plans of using Hitler to weaken Moscow. ... KPD had no choice except to regard Social Democrats who killed as many Namibians as Hitler killed Jews in..


Highlights of this day history Nazi Germany's Adolf Hitler born Gunfire erupts at Columbine High Cubans in Mariel boatlift in U.S. ..

yes, virginia: hitler really was a socialist

Certainly there are no media references to National Socialist German Workers Party as fascists during the era of the party's founding in 1919, at Hitler wrote and presented National Socialist Program in 1920, leading up to Beer-Hall Putsch late 1923, during Hitler's in 1924 and even..


National Socialist Party died in 1945, at the time its Adolph Hitler was escorted to Argentina. ... Alex Jones, de-platformed guru of the world, talks about Adolph Hitler and Nazis more than he talks about Lenin, Trotsky, Stalin, Mao Tse Tung and every globalist in the universe combined...

why hitler watched hollywood films

DW reached him on the phone at his New Brunswick, New Jersey to discuss his new book, Dictators Lenin - Mussolini - Hitler - Goebbels -  Stalin .. ... Goebbels and Hitler were both fans of British and Hollywood films, which appears contradictory to German propaganda films. ..

idolizing nazism – the future of freedom foundation

They agreed with Hitler's program of massive public-works projects, such as Autobahn system. ... In fact, many of the economic policies that Hitler was employing to lead Germany out of Depression were quite similar to those being employed by America's, Franklin Roosevelt, ironically the..

europe’s last caesar – acton institute powerblog

With his opposition to the treaty of Versailles and clamor for revision of the established borders, Hitler had become tool to put in check French, Britons, and Russians. Early on, little interest Hitler and after meeting was not at all impressed by German chancellor. ..

hitler's rise to power: eerie echo of today's left

Hitler advanced That the human being has no rights in himself no right to soul of his own, or mind of his own, or tongue of his own, or trade of his own or even to live not to his God, not to his conscience, except to Adolf Hitler.. From War to War., described Hitler's Mein..

mister charlie told me so

Last week, for example, when Russian Hitler ordered Russian-intelligence-asset Hitler to support coup against Venezuelan Hitler to distract attention from Smirkboy Hitler and his acne-faced army of MAGA hat-wearing Catholic high-school Hitler Youth. ... The..

the dark history of the european union

EU's true origins include centuries-old history that connects the dreams of kaisers, the ambitions of Adolf Hitler, and vision for Europe that refuses to die.. ... In 1940, German Ambassador to France Otto Abetz wrote to Hitler recommending that Germany usurp European idea to try to..

hitler’s economics

Similarly, Keynesians admired Hitler ( George Garvy, Keynes and the Economic Activists of Pre- Hitler Germany,  . To write of Hitler without the context of the millions of innocents murdered and the tens of millions. ..

open forum: october 22, 2018

TRUMP IS HITLER UNHINGED DEMOCRATS AND LEFTIST MEDIA CALL POTUS FASCIST DICTATOR FOR PUTTING US FIRST https www infowars com trump-is-hitler-unhinged-democrats-and-leftist-media-call-potus-fascist-dictator-for-putting-us-first. ..

khan al-ahmar friday sermon on pa tv

Friday Sermon at Khan Al-Ahmar on PA TV Israeli Government Has Not Learned the Lessons from Nebuchadnezzar, Titus, and Hitler. ... They have not learned from what was done to them by Nebuchadnezzar by Roman Titus by Hitler, warning that the logic of history will repeat once again.. ..

hitler’s world

Private Collection Archives Charmet Bridgeman Images Nazi with Ukrainian text that says ' Hitler, Liberator, circa 1941 Nothing can be known about the future, thought Hitler, except the limits of our planet the area of precisely measured space.. ... said Hitler, it provided these..

liberal vision » 2014 » october

Take, for example, Hitler versus Soviet Union. Despite the number of in Soviet Union surpassing the number of Nazi Germany, Hitler is demonized in way that Soviet Union is not. Could it be that the qualitative nature of Hitler's actions were more evil than the nature of Soviet..

general von hammerstein & hitler: an exchange

In his celebrated History of German Resistance, 1933 1945, in detail that Hammerstein's return to duty was fact part of plan, shared with Rudolf Pechel and other anti- Hitler conspirators, to destroy Hitler and avert war. ... It's quite true that Peter Hoffmann mentions putative plan by..

legal news & commentary

Blaming Communists for the attack on Reichstag, Nazi party and newly-appointed Chancellor Adolf Hitler pressed the law through as first step in establishing absolute control over Germany... On March 23, German Parliament passed Enabling Act, which empowered Adolf Hitler to become the..


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