the crime of progress, the crime of caste

And indeed, several decades ago, starting with call to destroy mosque, Babri Masjid, and replace it with Hindu, BJP began whipping up the population against the minority of 170 Muslims.. ... As such, it has inherited Hindu anxiety that its caste system which brutalizes, stigmatizes and..

criticism of israel is not anti-semitism

In 1947, nine months India was partitioned into Muslim state, and Hindu state — India.. Unlike Israel's founding, 000 Jewish refugees from Arab lands and 700,000 Arab refugees from what became Israel, the founding of Pakistan created about Muslim refugees from India and about Hindu..

a long & undeclared emergency

By political parties that at least paid lip service to secularism, The calamitous explosion Ambedkar feared occurred India in 2014, with the election of Narendra Modi, Hindu supremacist, as India's prime minister, ending decades of government. ... Indira Gandhi followed this trajectory of the..

modi victory secures illiberal, majority rule

Indian electorate has ushered in another landslide win for Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the governing party, Hindu Bharatiya Janata Party. ... Working towards the goal of making India Hindu, RSS is the node of network known Sangh family —. ..

an indian election

During Nehruvian, Indian politics was dominated by Congress party, Conservatives and even Hindu Nationalists. ... Rajiv Gandhi's shenanigans with Mosque at Ayodhya emboldened Hindu Nationalists, and in 1992, mob of Hindu Nationalists destroyed the Babri Mosque, and this became..

a world divided by ideologies

We are Brazilian, French, British, American, etc successful, middle class, or unsuccessful and poor white or non-white colonizer or the strong or weak, inclined Christian, Buddhist, Hindu, socialist, capitalist, and so on. The Jew stands opposition to Arab, Hindu to Muslim, the socialist..

caste rivals ally to defeat ruling party in northern india

LUCKNOW, India — Political archrivals India's most populous state rallied together Sunday, asking voters to support alliance created with the express purpose of defeating Prime Minister Narendra Modi's ruling Hindu Bharatiya Janata Party.. ... BSP and SP stitched alliance for provincial..

women in the minority

Of these, 95 percent reside Sindh and Punjab and 92 percent belong to Hindu, Scheduled Cast or Christian communities. ... I conducted in 2012 showed that the mortality rate among Hindu and Christian communities was two percent higher than the national ratio. ..

where do muslims stand in india!

The participation rate shows the presence of sharp difference between Hindu-OBCs and Muslims. ...  There is encroachment of Muslim graveyard land and it's Government's duty to protect these properties and there exists no such issue pertaining to Hindu cremation grounds. ..

the myths of indian nationalism

Bhimrao Ambedkar, Dalit and drafter of Indian constitution, against privileged, caste-ridden, Hindu-majoritarian, Congress-led state bureaucracy.. ... presumably to safeguard it from appropriation by Hindu Right, he fails to ask the questions that Anderson's analysis leads to How has..

divine players in indian politics

Author Mrinal Pande highlights the convoluted history of idol-worship in Hindu tradition by pointing out that Vedic verses offer prayers only to anthropomorphic forces like Usha, Vayu and Agni. Hindu nationalist politicians and other devotees demand that Ram temple must be constructed on..

elections diminish democracy in india

By the extended political family of the ruling, Hindu agitators mobilised BJP asking Modi Government not to wait for Supreme Court in the land dispute case and instead pass law for building the temple. Prime Minister's party has used the card to polarise Hindu voters. ..

malaysia: keep moratorium on abusive laws

The government announced on November 30, 2018, that the cabinet had lifted its moratorium on several of these laws, including Sedition Act of 1948, in response to recent disturbances surrounding Hindu Subang Jaya.. ... November 26 confrontation over the relocation of Hindu temple,..

the rise of hindu populism

But the surge of Hindu nationalism has captured Narendra Modi into the kind of position that Indira Gandhi occupied only with the Emergency.. ... But the surge of Hindu nationalism has catapulted Narendra Modi into the kind of position that Indira occupied only with the Emergency. ..

faith and feminism in pakistan

The fact of patriarchy is universal and in neighbouring India Hindu society continues to be constricting for women and following Hindu Reform Laws of Nehru Government in the 1950s progressive reforms were enacted have gone long way in improving the rights status of Hindu women.. ..

new, historic dialogues begin

In July, National Council of Churches initiated Hindu- Christian Dialogue and Buddhist- Christian Dialogue.  ... Hindu- Christian Dialogue met on July 17, and among the topics discussed were Hindu understanding of illumination and Christian understanding of salvation.  ..

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