modi victory secures illiberal, majority rule

Indian electorate has ushered in another landslide win for Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the governing party, Hindu Bharatiya Janata Party. ... Working towards the goal of making India Hindu, RSS is the node of network known Sangh family —. ..

an indian election

During Nehruvian, Indian politics was dominated by Congress party, Conservatives and even Hindu Nationalists. ... Rajiv Gandhi's shenanigans with Mosque at Ayodhya emboldened Hindu Nationalists, and in 1992, mob of Hindu Nationalists destroyed the Babri Mosque, and this became..

women in the minority

Of these, 95 percent reside Sindh and Punjab and 92 percent belong to Hindu, Scheduled Cast or Christian communities. ... I conducted in 2012 showed that the mortality rate among Hindu and Christian communities was two percent higher than the national ratio. ..

the myths of indian nationalism

Bhimrao Ambedkar, Dalit and drafter of Indian constitution, against privileged, caste-ridden, Hindu-majoritarian, Congress-led state bureaucracy.. ... presumably to safeguard it from appropriation by Hindu Right, he fails to ask the questions that Anderson's analysis leads to How has..

the rise of hindu populism

But the surge of Hindu nationalism has captured Narendra Modi into the kind of position that Indira Gandhi occupied only with the Emergency.. ... But the surge of Hindu nationalism has catapulted Narendra Modi into the kind of position that Indira occupied only with the Emergency. ..

faith and feminism in pakistan

The fact of patriarchy is universal and in neighbouring India Hindu society continues to be constricting for women and following Hindu Reform Laws of Nehru Government in the 1950s progressive reforms were enacted have gone long way in improving the rights status of Hindu women.. ..

new, historic dialogues begin

In July, National Council of Churches initiated Hindu- Christian Dialogue and Buddhist- Christian Dialogue.  ... Hindu- Christian Dialogue met on July 17, and among the topics discussed were Hindu understanding of illumination and Christian understanding of salvation.  ..


Christian ...

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