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Aiding Hamas campaign to thrive on campus.. Texas SJP and MSA Activists Revealed as Neo-Nazis Poster Campaign. ... Brandeis University Backing Hamas on Campus. Updated Exposing SJP as Terrorist Front at UC-Berkeley. ..

open forum: november 17, 2018

They “sympathise” with Hamas – a Muslim terrorist organisation. . . . . ... They “sympathise” with Hamas – a Muslim terrorist organisation. . The Israelis aren’t doing anything to bring peace to that part of the world. ..

spanish vips get the message: bds is bad for everyone

Touring Israel, they are able to joint partnerships between Israelis and Arabs at work, the high-quality produce prepared for export — and even witness firsthand the need to run for shelter as Hamas rockets fall.. ... During meeting with Jordan Valley Regional Council head David Elhayani at..

truth: a casualty of war

.), there remains a concerted effort from organizations like the PA, the PLO, Hamas, Hezbollah, Fatah, and many of the surrounding nations to undermine Israel both militarily and through legal and journalistic means.  ... Palestinian actions include but are not limited to the fact that groups like..


TEHRAN - Syrian Army troops opened heavy fire at the movements of group of terrorists in the demilitarized zone Northern Hama, preempting their attack on government forces, on Friday... ..

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