TEHRAN - The Turkish army forces stationed in truce-monitoring points Shir al-Maqar Jabal Shahshabou Northwestern Hama have cooperated with the in their recent attacks on the town of Kafar Naboudeh, field sources Northern Syria said.. ... Arabic-language website of Russian Sputnik News Agency..

syria army retakes key hilltop in hama

©AFP Syrian army forces, backed by fighters from pro-government defense groups, have engaged Takfiri militants in the western of Hama, liberating hilltop from the extremists.. ... Separately, Syrian army units and defense groups cut off the major routes of Daesh militants after establishing..

militants purged from parts of syria’s hama

Militants launch Grad from Syria's Hama province, towards government forces on September 4, 2016 Syrian government troops and allied forces have purged militants from territories in the province of Hama, adding to the gains made against the in the province.. ... Syrians fleeing from the..

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