For the past several years intermittent clashes have broken out between Hadi's Presidential Guard and UAE-backed Security Belt. While violent clashes between Security Belt and pro- Hadi forces were common, Security Belt's close ties with Emirati advisors and forces Southern Yemen and..


Both UAE-backed separatists and the militants to Saudi-allied Yemeni government serve Riyadh-led coalition, since 2015, in bloody military campaign against Yemen aimed at reinstating ex-president Abd Rabbuh Mansur Hadi. During the funeral, the mourners chanted slogans against Hadi..

malaysia chronicle

Jewish-like group who are out to stop the unification of Muslims in this country, PAS Abdul Hadi Awang said last Selangor.. ... Hadi also denied Muslim Malay parties aimed to turn Malaysia into. ..

four years of the war on yemen

The economic crisis has been byproduct of conflict, and was created by the policies of Saudi coalition and the legitimate government under Hadi. Starting June 2016, President Hadi ceased sending revenues from the conquered oil fields to the central bank, transferring the money instead to..

crisis group yemen update #6

The Security Belt and Elite Forces UAE backs in the south are nominally under the command of Hadi government, and reality operate and have clashed repeatedly with Hadi loyalists, most notably during January 2018 battle for Aden between Southern Transitional Council and the government. ..

yemen: the us has blood on its hands

While talks over Yemen's future grind on between Houthi rebels and the government of President Hadi, US Donald Trump's administration has made clear it will continue to support Hadi, via Saudi Arabia and its Gulf allies. ... All this meant that in late 2013 early 2014, and Houthis rolled..

the life of imam ‘ali al-hadi, study and analysis

comprehensive and detailed biography and analysis of the life of our Imam, Ali bin Muhammad al-Hadi... ... The Life of Imam ' Ali al-Hadi, Study and Analysis By Baqir Shareef al-Qurashi Translated by Abdullah al-Shahin Published by Ansariyan Publications 22, Shohada St., P.O. ..

saleh reported in serious condition

Vice President Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi, is lobbying for the establishment of government, Monday.. ... Despite those discussions, Hadi and other government officials continued to insist publicly that Saleh remains in control and would return to Sanaa in few days... ..

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