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Instead, Europe could look to its own northern waters to see how to tackle threats in the Gulf. Concerned by the threat of Russia in the Baltic Sea, Germany last year began beefing up its military presence in the region, staging major exercises and building a permanent military headquarters..


Iran is ready to sign non-aggression pacts with Persian Gulf Arab states, .. After his remarks, Russia hailed Iranian initiative to conclude pact with Persian Gulf countries. . ..

russia’s middle eastern position in 2025

In the Gulf, Russia and Saudi Arabia alone have essentially set the bar for current energy prices, reducing OPEC to a shadow of its past self. ... Russia has been able to regionally come out on top in this way thanks to, inter alia, the totality of Turco-Russian relations,..

russia in the middle east: introduction

Signing Russia-Arab finance agreements, especially between Sovereign Wealth Funds (SWF) and other Gulf Arab government–owned investment vehicles; . ... [xiii] Samuel Charap, “Is Russia An Outside Power In the Gulf?” Survival, LVII, No. 1, February 2015, p. 154. .  ..


.), and more than ever all the bourgeois and state forces which are allied to a greater or lesser degree (Turkey, Iran, Gulf monarchies , USA, Russia, European Union, Islamic state, nationalist organizations…) are mobilized to crush our class, either directly and very prosaically under a..

us imperialism and the proxy war in syria

While the currently recognized volumes are small relative to those found in the Persian Gulf, Russia, or the Caspian Sea Basin, they are large enough to have a significant impact on the energy security of states in the Eastern Mediterranean, and make some, albeit more limited, contribution..


Afghanistan ...

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