Direct Flight between Iran’s Persian Gulf Island, Omani Capital Launched . TEHRAN (FNA)- Iranian and Omani officials celebrated establishment of direct flights between Iran’s Persian Gulf Island of Qeshm and Omani capital city of Muscat. . . . . ..

pompeo takes us anti-iran message to gulf arab

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo brought Trump anti- Iran to Gulf Arab states on Friday, arriving Bahrain to continue nine-nation tour of Middle East aimed at reassuring America's partners that withdrawing troops from Syria does not mean Washington is abandoning the region.. ..

world politics review

U.S carrier sailed into Persian Gulf on Friday, becoming the first since America's from Iran nuclear deal and breaking the in the region since at least Sept terror attacks... ... U.S carrier sailed into Persian Gulf on Friday, becoming the first since America's from..

secret no more: israel's outreach to gulf arab states

It marked the first visit by an Israeli leader in more than 20 years to the tiny Gulf state, a U.S. ally that has in the past facilitated negotiations between the United States and Iran. . ... Israel and many of the Gulf Arab states consider Iran a destabilizing force,..

‘us root cause of mischief in persian gulf’

Rear Admiral Ali Fadavi, the commander of Iran's Islamic Revolution Guards Corps Navy A of Iran's Islamic Revolution Guards Corps says United States is not authorized to in the affairs of West Asia and Persian Gulf, stressing that Washington is the root cause of in the region... ... ..

‘us has no business to be in persian gulf’

Secretary of Iran's Supreme National Security Council Ali Shamkhani A Iranian official says the presence of American military forces in Persian Gulf lacks any legal and international justification... The presence of American forces in Persian Gulf lacks any legal and justification..

britain and germany sign military pact

By targeting Syria, the regime also sent message to Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and other Arab countries in Persian GulfIran is capable of launching missiles and causing harm even from its sovereign territory, Israeli news site Ynetnews reported.. ..

saudi arabia's act of strategic defiance

Finally, Iran's ambition to acquire nuclear weapons fueled Saudis legitimate concerns that Iran will make it the facto hegemon in that case, Iran would have the ability to intimidate its neighbors and impose its own agenda throughout Gulf.. ... U.S should continue to seek good relations..

saudi arabia says iran hurts arab cause

Iranian posture has provoked increasing alarm among many Arab nations, particularly the moderate sheikdoms and kingdoms that face Tehran's Islamic across the waters of the gulf.. Fahd, Saudi monarch, ing Sunday about Iran's intentions at summit meeting Riyadh of Arab Persian..

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