who is hating whom in america and why

Yair Netanyahu, the prime minister’s older son, visited the UAE at the invitation of German manufacturing giant Siemens in October, met with the crown prince of Dubai, Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed Al Maktoum, and discussed the possibility of investing Netanyahu family assets in the Gulf states. .....

february 8, 2019

They spent their honeymoon across the Bay at a small harbor called Saucelito. He was the first European to see potential in this small settlement nestled under a high ridge on a small inlet off the main part of the Bay. . ..

iran: preserving the nuclear deal

-led drive to curb it could leave Washington and Tehran jostling for the upper hand across string of regional flashpoints, from Afghanistan and Gulf to Iraq, Syria and Lebanon. EU measures to protect the deal, such backed by E3 and designed to facilitate European trade with Iran in way..

russia’s middle eastern position in 2025

For example, 1984 report by CIA analyst Fritz Ermarth observed that, The future of Soviet Union as superpower, East-West power balance, and the chance of US- Soviet in the next two decades are likely to be determined, more than anywhere else, in the south of Soviet borders stretching from India to the Eastern..


TEHRAN (FNA)- With $86.7 billion in approved sales to Saudi Arabia and other Persian Gulf Arab states since 2015, European countries are indeed accountable for the ongoing Saudi-led atrocities in Yemen’s besieged port city of Hodeida. . ... TEHRAN (FNA)- With $86.7 billion in approved..

hitler & the muslims

The second reason is written across the vast history of colonial and European and American interventions Muslim territories, from the world wars to Gulf wars and now to the campaign against Islamic State. ..

the religious affiliation of international migrants

Even the number of foreign-born Christians is still slightly larger than the number of foreign-born Muslims living in European Union.. The six countries of Gulf Cooperation Council also have large populations of foreign-born residents, ranging from about quarter to more than 80% of each..

michael j. totten's blog

The waterfront at Zaitunay Bay could be Florida, Saifi village is European, and Hezbollah-controlled of the city is the kind of urban slum you'd expect to find hundreds of miles away, inland and to the east, Iraq or Iran. ..


.), and more than ever all the bourgeois and state forces which are allied to a greater or lesser degree (Turkey, Iran, Gulf monarchies , USA, Russia, European Union, Islamic state, nationalist organizations…) are mobilized to crush our class, either directly and very prosaically under a..

feminists protest justice kavanaugh

Anything that disrupts access through the gulf will significantly impact global trade. . Knowing the strategic significance of this gulf, both the European Union and China have deployed ships in the region since 2009 to protect against piracy. ..

amanda sloat

She was most recently Southern Europe and Eastern Mediterranean Affairs at State Department, Greece, and Turkey and for coordinating European on Middle East issues. She also served North Africa and Gulf region and as advisor to the secretary of state for European and Eurasian..

iran fm urges end to arms race in mideast

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif has emphasized the need for setting up forum to promote dialogue among Persian Gulf states, urging certain regional countries to end their arms race.. ... He further called on European countries to use their influence to defuse tensions in..

a roadmap to justice for cia torture

CTC Legal in Senate Summary, CIA Director George Tenet, National Security Legal Advisor John Bellinger, Attorney General John Ashcroft, White House Counsel Alberto Gonzales, Counsel to Vice President David Addington, Deputy White House Counsel Timothy Flanigan, and National Security Advisor Condoleezza Rice....

the tyranny of equality threatening europe

Incredibly, as reported by the Turtle Bay and Beyond NGO, the Lunacek report, advanced by a Green member of the European Parliament, Ulricke Lunacek, proposes that LGBT interests have a special privilege called “mainstreaming,” in which new laws and policies cannot be adopted without a..

professor to speak at ucf on origin of judaism

Interreligious Committee for Peace in the Middle East has expressed alarm at ''the apparent growing acceptance of the inevitability of war'' and urged that ''the United States should work much more actively with the Arab states, the Soviet Union, European states and the United Nations for a..

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