the original border wall

In 1783, at Peace of Paris, George III ceded both East and West Florida to Charles III, giving Spain control over Mississippi and the Gulf of Mexico.   . In 1785, American Nathaniel Greene made surprise visit to Saint Augustine, all washed down with a variety of Spanish and. ..

america, palestine, and unrwa: a history of self-interest

In the absence of institutional frame keeping Palestinian refugees in confined spaces, Palestinians could cause political chaos, threatening the security of Israel and the stability of the in including American access to Gulf oil piped through the refugee-heavy regions of Jordan, Lebanon,..

communists and race

The League of Revolutionary Struggle and other Maoists worked through National Coalition for Redress Reparations, Nikkei for Civil Rights and Redress, Japanese American Citizens League, and National Council for Japanese American Redress.. Bay Area Asian- American..


That year, American public saw gulf between Clinton and Trump's positions on issues like immigration and federal aid to African Americans than they had perceived between prior Democratic and Republican presidential candidates... ..


By surprise if you hear the In the environment, do not be takenUS has also begun deploying new weapons to China's alleged efforts to cement dominant position in Western Pacific and keep American aircraft carriers at bay. ..

poppy lit the fire: bush and iraq

It was Papa Bush, after all, who sent American troops half way around the world to launch First Gulf War — error of tragic proportions in its own way for much of the horror that afflicts Greater Middle East to this day.. ... One of those was General Norman Schwartzkopf, then..

‘us has no business to be in persian gulf’

Secretary of Iran's Supreme National Security Council Ali Shamkhani A Iranian official says the presence of American military forces in Persian Gulf lacks any legal and international justification... The presence of American forces in Persian Gulf lacks any legal and..

marines free 7 american pows

Franks, the commander of forces in Persian Gulf region, said American and British troops were no longer fighting organized enemy, and that the war would soon shift into phase as they seek pockets of paramilitary fighters intent on resisting to their last breath... ..

america has won its last war

The fact that American actions in Gulf War betrayed Kurds and Shiites and left Saddam Hussein power to continue slaughtering U.S allies shows that the outcome of this conflict was, at best, another stalemate for United States.. ..

9 last official shots of wars

United States in the war began with Gulf of Tonkin, in 1964, and it's poetic that Turner Joy fired the last American shot of the war, since, in 1964, she arrived at Gulf of Tonkin in support of USS Maddox immediately after Vietnamese torpedo boats had left.. On December 31, nine..

the war on terrorism

Pentagon has plans for tribunals and chamber for suspected al-Qaida and Taliban terrorists American at Guantanamo Bay naval base Cuba, where about 680 other detainees captured during Afghanistan are held. ..


British ...

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