iran and us: could it end in war?

Washington has called on Iran to discontinue all its nuclear and missile programmes, withdraw its armed forces from Syria, end its destabilising Iraq, Afghanistan and Gulf and stop supporting armed groups such as Hezbollah, Hamas and Huthi - all as prerequisite for nuclear deal... ..

the pentagon’s ‘ides of march’

With the exception of the War on Afghanistan and Gulf War, all US- NATO and allied led military operations over period of more 1965 have been initiated in the month of March. ... Recent history confirms that with the exception of Afghanistan and Gulf War, all US- NATO..

monthly review

The systematic use of torture by United States Abu Ghraib Iraq, Afghanistan, and on its base Guantánamo Bay, Cuba is now generating throughout the world deeper hatred of American imperialism. ..

the death of our treaties

Congress authorized the use of force before each of the major wars since the cold war (the 1991 Gulf War, Afghanistan, and Iraq). In the Gulf War and Iraq, however, very large forces had been deployed to the region long before the vote, making it both likely that a decision had..

failure to fight just as risky

By the only negotiations in the history of the But Persian Gulf war was followed Middle East dispute. And the aftermath of Afghanistan has gone much better than almost anyone predicted when the wisdom was that Afghanistan would be quagmire like Vietnam.. ..

the “war of terror” decade

U.S has taken part in global kidnapping and assassination operations multiple countries, set up torture centers from Guantánamo Bay Cuba to Bagram Afghanistan expanded the apparatus of both the complex and new security complex that is being used to target dissent and curb civil liberties..

us: investigate killings in afghanistan

The in the killing of detainees Wardak is the latest among the allegations now numbering in the hundreds of US participation or in the abuse of detainees over the last decade Afghanistan, Iraq, at Guantanamo Bay, and CIA secret prisons.. ..

what it means to be living under drones

Indeed, the entire process is riddled with the same sort of flaws that beset the detention regime at the military prison in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. In Afghanistan, the Bush administration paid enormous bounties in an effort to get information on the ground. ..

we may never know truth of u.s. war crimes

Those images, it turned out, were the tip of Subsequent investigations by the media, human rights groups and the military revealed hundreds of cases of torture and abuse of detainees Iraq, Afghanistan and Guantanamo Bay prison, including scores of suspicious deaths. ..

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