re-instate kpfa workweek radio now!

The show has been on KPFA for over seven years and has broadcast the voices of trade unionists and workers from Bay Area nationally and internationally.. ... For seven productive years, the program has aired on KPFA, providing the community with much needed programming for labor, the working..

egyptian tv host: i spit on gulf leaders

Egyptian TV Host Hesham Abdalla Slams Gulf Leaders for Supporting Trump's Deal of Century, Raises His Shoe The Shoe of Every Free Arab Is on Their Heads. ... In January 29, 2020 show on Elsharq TV, Egyptian TV host Hesham Abdalla, condemned the leaders and ambassadors of Gulf countries..

arabian gulf citizens and changing views

Frequently, the executive managers and news editors who run Arab Gulf media use Al-Aqsa Mosque Jerusalem to skew the news and portray Palestinian issue as the in the region they then set about embarrassing anyone. ... She added that in the 30 years, Israel had not been direct or real enemy of..

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