iranian speaker: no need to mediators for yemen talks

He referred to the recent wars launched by the US and its allies in the region, including Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria and Persian Gulf region, calling on them to bring peace at least one time... ... TEHRAN - Bahrain's Shia opposition group, the al-Wefaq National Islamic Society, to support jailed..

cbi governor: iran's national currency strengthens 40%

TEHRAN - Bahrain's Shia opposition group, al-Wefaq National Islamic Society, to support jailed female prisoners in Persian Gulf kingdom, and press Al Khalifah regime to set them free... TEHRAN - Newly appointed Japanese Defense Minister Taro Kono, in conversation with his Iranian Brigadier..


And these are the families of some of the partner forces that are fighting against ISIS and keeping Iran, Assad regime, and other enemies at bay. ..

two views on social order: conflict or cooperation?

If we want to see the way the police power could treat US citizens, look carefully at how the US troops in Iraq are treating the civilians there, or how prisoners in Guantanamo Bay are treated. ... Keeping them at bay means keeping the world of their imaginations at bay, and that..

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