Crewmen on Tamim Aldar have languished in Gulf since 2016. The in Gulf is supposed to be about Britain, America and Iran. ..

august 5, 2019

The Bay Area Multihull Association will conduct Live Crew Overboard Training on Sunday, August 18, at 11 a.m at the mouth of Richardson Bay, just outside Sausalito.. ..

iranian fm justifies seizure of british oil tanker

Iranian FM Javad Zarif We Are Responsible for Security in Persian Gulf Seizing British Oil Tanker Was Merely Enforcement of Regulations We Chose Not to Ignore Britain's Piracy Our Courts Must Examine Issue. Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said in August 5, 2019 address that aired on..


Last Sunday, Former Commander of Islamic Revolution Guards Corps Mohsen Rezayee said that despite the malicious efforts of the US and UK to claim control over Strait of Hormuz with escalating tensions in Persian Gulf, Tehran will not allow such thing to happen... ..

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