july 31, 2019

I like the idea of wooden boats I like the idea of having kids of all ages able to get out and learn about Bay and the history of those boats and to work on the boats. ..


TEHRAN (FNA)- The United Nations has strongly condemned the execution of two young activists in Bahrain, as the ruling Al Khalifah regime presses ahead with its heavy-handed crackdown on political dissidents and pro-democracy activists in the Persian Gulf kingdom. . . . . ..

will america and iran go to war?

Iran is positioned to attack and upset global oil trade — in Gulf of Oman, and in Persian Gulf, Strait of Hormuz, Gulf of Aden and Bab el-Mandeb, two of the three sides of Arabian Peninsula.. ... Add to that Strait of Hormuz and Gulf of Oman, and Iran could, at least..

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