unmanned nasa missions

During STS-41-C in 1984, the Space Shuttle Challenger intercepted the SMM, maneuvering it into the shuttle's payload bay for maintenance and repairs. ... It was launched aboard Space Shuttle Discovery and deployed into space from the payload bay with its robotic arm, under guidance from the..

who lost turkey? – foreign policy

The U.S. troops reportedly cuffed the Turks and covered their heads with the kinds of dark hoods normally reserved for terrorist detainees in Afghanistan or Guantánamo Bay. . ... “Turkey had paranoid fears of U.S. support for independent Kurds after the first Gulf War,” Danforth said. ..

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There are significant parallels between Ihumatao and Omarukaikuru Shelly Bay. ... the use of HAASHA at Ihumatao and Omarukaikuru Shelly Bay has had the fortunate side effect of mobilizing many New Zealanders to stand up for their land rights, citizenship rights and their environment... ..


TEHRAN - Alexander Mericas, Journalist and Political Commentator, says the attacks on the oil tankers in Gulf of Oman was done by the US or Israel proxies to ratchet up the drive to war with Iran.. ... TEHRAN - Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif blasted the US for its destabilizing..

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