nato - topic: collective defence

On the request of Turkey, on three occasions, NATO has put defence measures in place in 1991 with the deployment of Patriot missiles during Gulf War, in 2003 with the agreement on package of defensive measures and conduct of Operation Display Deterrence during Iraq, and in 2012 in response to Syria..

pumpsie green: the last of the firsts

He family moved to the Bay Area during World War 2.  His father, who had been a farmer in Oklahoma, found work at the Oakland Army Base and his mother worked as a welder on the Oakland docks. ... Pumpsie’s brother Cornell became an outstanding cornerback-safety for the NFL Dallas Cowboys from..


TEHRAN - Reckless military moves in Persian Gulf could lead to fraught with unpredictable and destructive consequences, commenting on tensions between the US and Iran... ... By the media several days ago, TEHRAN - Islamic Revolution Guards Corps Navy stopped foreign oil Lark Island in Persian..

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