digital rights

Gulf Centre for Human Rights (GCHR) — 26 June 2018 . . . . . This report documents abuses under section 57 of the ICT Act to warn that any new law should protect rights, not be used to crack down on critics. . . ..

making the case of war

The hawkish warmongers started prevailing in Persian Gulf at first, approved the airstrikes called off the operations just moments before warplanes launched the strike-package to hit the in the Islamic Republic of Iran.. ..

winning boomers over on housing

In book talks I describe Bay Area homeowner who recycles household compost, drives Prius, installs solar panels on their home fights any apartments from being built in their neighborhood. The 120,000 daily commuters from Sacramento to Bay Area are out of sight, out of mind to homeowners...


The retaliatory attack also led to the rise of oil prices and fall of stock markets in Persian Gulf Arab countries. . ..

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