does capitalism mean war?

President Eisenhower resolved the conflict in favor of Egypt), the United States and allies initiated and fought with military might in the 1st Gulf war with Iraq after Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait, and the U.S. air force engaged in extensive bombings of the Libyan capital in response to suspected..


Whether the world community is headed for a turning point toward bringing liars to justice will become clear when the current escalation and military buildup in the Persian Gulf is behind us. ... The international civil society must make the recent escalation and military buildup in the Persian..

an attack on iran

Today the geography has shifted from Syria to Iran What's playing out in Persian Gulf area is function of the obsequiousness of American presidents to the policies and actions of Israel's leaders. The attacks came bombers and battery to Gulf — supposedly to deter what Trump..

not just a trade war

Doug Casey Best Price $10.88 Buy New $17.77 Chinese do not like seeing US aircraft carriers off their coast any more than we would like to Chinese carriers in Gulf of Mexico or off Santa Catalina Island.. ..

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