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Gulf Centre for Human Rights 26 June 2018... Despite state-sponsored repression and stigma, lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people in Middle East and North Africa finding ways to speak out. ... Gulf Centre for Human Rights March 2017... By the international community, The..

does capitalism mean war? – countercurrents

President Eisenhower resolved the conflict in favor of Egypt), the United States and allies initiated and fought with military might in the 1st Gulf war with Iraq after Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait, and the U.S. air force engaged in extensive bombings of the Libyan capital in response to suspected..

is bolton steering trump into war with iran?

Taken together, Bolton- Pompeo threats add up to ultimatum that any attack by Hezbollah Lebanon, Houthis Yemen, or Iran-backed militias on Israel, Saudi Arabia, UAE or U.S forces Iraq, Syria or Gulf states will bring U.S retaliatory response on Iran itself.. ... While Gulf with Iran..

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