Michael Springmann, in exclusive interview with FNA, said that it appears from what has been revealed about the so-called Deal of the Century that it seeks to persuade Palestinians to give up the control over Jerusalem al-Quds and accept limited in Palestinian State without weapons in return for promises of..

‘us troops must leave persian gulf’

The main question is that why we have US troops in Persian Gulf, United States is thousands of miles away, and other countries do not send their vessels to American coastal waters, urging the US authorities to respect similar standard for countries in the region.. ..

tired narratives, weary publics

In doing so, they undermine U.S security and economic interests, and enhance these actors influence in the region.5 Iranian government is purveyor of anti- American in Middle East as it seeks to compete with U.S influence in the region through power and in the arena of public diplomacy.. ..


American ...

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