just how corrupt is the american soul?

It is the liberals who Dabashi is particularly upset with for it is they who, in his view, have reinforced the facade of national goodness and held at bay, or perhaps simply ignored, any critical examination of this self-glorifying image. ..

gassing migrants

(Speaking of the U.S. government’s responsibility for creating conditions that people are now fleeing, I note that both Clinton and John Kerry, another Obama secretary of state who helped create chaos in the Middle East and Africa, are now saying, apparently with no sense of irony, that Europe must crack..

peak oil news and message boards

How to keep the spectre of peak oil supply at bay . The warning signs are there – the industry isn’t finding enough oil. ... Bahrain on Sunday announced it has discovered the largest oil and gas field in the history of the small kingdom, which unlike its Gulf neighbors is not..

green new deal requires green zoning

I often talk about Prius-driving Berkeley who recycles household waste and who also opposes new apartments in their neighborhood they do not see the 120,000 drivers commuting from Sacramento to Bay Area each day, so do not appreciate the negative environmental impacts of their anti-apartment..

when american warmongers unite

The US used this propaganda to cover the actions of the American military and the CIA as they tortured captured combatants, sent them off to be held indefinitely in Guantanamo Bay and other secret US prisons far away from the US homeland, without any hope of release or due process. ..

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