Russia Says Guaido Is Not Independent, No Use Talking to Him . . TEHRAN (FNA)- Venezuela’s self-proclaimed interim president Juan Guaido coordinates his every step with a foreign country and Moscow sees no point in communicating with a dependent figure, the Russian foreign ministry said. ...

venezuela's guaido courts russia; powers divided on

CARACAS - Global jostling intensified on Thursday between countries that want Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro power and those trying to force him to resign, as Juan Guaido made overtures to his rival's allies Russia and China... Venezuelan leader and self-proclaimed Juan..

venezuela's supreme court v. us coup attempt

The following countries recognize Maduro's Russia, China, Bolivia, Cuba, Nicaragua, Belarus, El Salvador, South Africa, Suriname, Turkey, Iran and Syria.. Guaido is back by array of US vassal states, notably most Latin and Central American countries, Australia, Canada and Israel. ..

if the army stands with president maduro

Britain, France, Germany and Spain have sent Maduro a diplomatic ultimatum: Agree in eight days to new elections or we back the 35-year-old Guaido, who, until this year, was an unknown. . ... But Russia called Guaido’s action a “quasi-coup” and warned that intervention… . ...


Colombia ...

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