preparing for a venezuela after maduro

United States would need to build regional support for and, ideally, that it's serious and create legal basis for the use of force, such as formal request from the government of Juan Guaidó. . After intervention, Venezuela might well prove environment than Afghanistan or Iraq, and the..

where is the antiwar movement in the us?

It seems the Trump administration is trying to provoke Iran into attacking the US, putting US military personnel in unnecessary risk and potentially starting a war that could be as disastrous as the Iraq war. . The night before Juan Guaido declared himself president of Venezuela, he spoke to..

regime change means drenching venezuela in blood

According to media reports, Vice President Mike Pence is angry with Venezuela, Juan Guaido, because he promised the operation would be cake walk just like the neocons promised us about Iraq. Guaido said hundreds of thousands of protesters would follow him to Colombian border to..

international women's day

Yazidi women attend ceremony at Lilash Temple to commemorate the death of women who were killed by Islamic State militants, during International Women's Day, Shikhan of Iraq. Supporters of Venezuelan Juan Guaido, Venezuela. The Handmaid's Tale at the entrance of National Autonomous..


Under the doctrine of covert and proxy war, it's what Washington's new puppet, Juan Guaido, promised his American backers and install him in the presidential palace.. They also know Venezuela is not different from Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria and other countries chaos, humanitarian..

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