Guaido was also rejected by China, Iran, and Turkey. . Despite making headlines worldwide, Guaido is a relatively new face on Venezuela’s political landscape. ..

venezuela's crisis: why now and what's next?

Long divided between supporters and opponents of the socialist government and ravaged by shortages of food, medicine and other basic goods, Venezuelans suffering through political crisis that intensified January, when  Guaido declared interim president. . U.S., Canada, Argentina, Brazil and..

us media ignore—and applaud—economic war on venezuela

Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) has suggested, work with American oil companies that purchase Venezuelan oil to provide the profits from those purchases to accounts controlled by Guaidó’s National Assembly. He can also pressure China, which has a far more valuable relationship with the United States..

us using venezuela crisis

Beijing has good reason to support Maduro, Carvalho underscored First, Chinese leadership understands that Guaido has no legitimacy and has not demonstrated, so far, the effectiveness of his supposed government second, China has invested many billions of dollars in  Venezuela and..

venezuela's supreme court v. us coup attempt

The following countries recognize Maduro's Russia, China, Bolivia, Cuba, Nicaragua, Belarus, El Salvador, South Africa, Suriname, Turkey, Iran and Syria.. Guaido is back by array of US vassal states, notably most Latin and Central American countries, Australia, Canada and Israel. ..

south africa vs people of venezuela

With the exception of left-wing governments in Uruguay, Bolivia, Mexico and Nicaragua, all major Latin and North American states rapidly accepted Guaidó as the legitimate interim president. ... China declared itself neutral, while Turkey and Russia sided with Maduro. . ..

mobilize and defend venezuela

Now, in the development, Washington has hand-picked its inside the socialist of Venezuela cadre named Juan Guaido, recognizing him as the President of the country... Today, the world is divided, as China, Russia, Iran, Turkey, Syria, South Africa, Bolivia, Cuba, Mexico, Uruguay and many..

maduro must go

Mexico, Bolivia, Cuba, China, Turkey, and Russia are for Maduro. The replacement of Maduro with Guaidò would help arrest the recession that began in 2006. ..


Colombia ...

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