the deep hurt: lessons from american coups

The US has decided to declare the Speaker of the House, Juan Guaido, president. ... And Canada has forsaken the best of its liberal and social democratic traditions of adherence to rule of law to hitch its caboose to the US’s rampaging imperialist train. . ..

venezuela's crisis: why now and what's next?

U.S., Canada, Argentina, Brazil and European Union have recognized Guaido China, Mexico, Bolivia, South Africa and others contend  Maduro is the rightful president. . Behind the scenes, officials from U.S., Canada and other countries were corresponding with Guaido..


Guaido has been recognised as  Venezuela's president by the US, Canada, Israel, Georgia, Albania and of  Latin American countries, including Colombia, Chile, Peru, Brazil, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Panama, Paraguay, Honduras, Argentina, etc. ..

venezuela: none of our business

In what was pre-coordinated move, Guaido's administration was recognized by the governments of United States, Canada, and several countries Latin America.. Guaido's claim rests on Venezuela's constitution which allows him to assume the office should it become vacant. ..

uprising in venezula, possible regime change

Longstanding leftist allies Bolivia and Cuba were the only countries in the region to explicitly voice support for Maduro as Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Guatemala, Honduras, Panama, Paraguay and Peru backed Guaido. The United States and Canada also recognized..


Argentina ...

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