trump’s crusade in latin america

Nothing will contribute more to the questioning of the legitimacy and credibility of Juan Guaidó than the support he is receiving from United States. ... the UN, could either attempt to broker deal between him and Guaidó or put the squeeze on the regime economically politically under..

venezuela's supreme court v. us coup attempt

Maduro's survival depends on popular and military support, along with international backing from enough countries, recognizing him rejecting Guaido and the US coup attempt.. ... Guaido is back by array of US vassal states, notably most Latin and Central American countries, Australia,..

mister charlie told me so

Basically, what happened was, person by the name of Juan Guaidó declared President of Venezuela. UK, France, Germany, Spain, and other members of the international community demanded that Venezuela hold new elections, or else they too will recognize Guaidó, or any other..


Maduro on Friday ordered the closure of Venezuela’s embassy and consulates in the US after Washington threw its weight behind opposition leader Juan Guaido, who declared himself interim president earlier this week. . ... Following the US’ recognition of Venezuelan opposition leader Juan..

why has emotion replaced reason in america?

Since Maduro’s reelection was marred by claims of vote rigging, Guaido has labeled him an illegitimate president and called for free and fair elections. ... In an attempt to bring peace to the nation, Guaido has offered Maduro amnesty if he goes into exile. ..

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