venezuela at another crossroads

On January 23, Juan Guaidó, like Carmona almost 17 years ago, declared the government of Nicolás Maduro illegitimate and as president. ... In the wake of Guaidó's recognition Uruguay and Mexico have offered to help the two sides negotiate a peaceful and democratic solution to the..

uprising in venezula, possible regime change

Today, I am officially recognizing President of Venezuelan National Assembly, Juan Guaido, as the Interim President of Venezuela. ... We encourage other Western Hemisphere governments to recognize National Assembly President Guaido and we will work with them in support of his efforts to..


On Wednesday, US President Donald Trump recognized Venezuelan Juan Guaido marking the in the feud between Washington and Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro.. ..

the latest: at least 12 reported dead in venezuela unrest

The U.N chief has called for dialogue and says violence or escalation should be avoided after United States, many Latin American countries and others recognized Venezuelan Juan Guaido as the country's president.. ... Mogherini is calling for the safety and rights of lawmakers and Guaido..

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