germany may ban 'conversion therapies' for gays

BERLIN Germany is considering ban of so-called conversion therapies aimed at changing the orientation of gay people, on Tuesday... ... In Germany, there are estimated 1,000 attempts year to change the orientation of homosexuals, Berlin-based organization that fights discrimination... ..

germany must respond to its approach

Unfortunately, Germany, along with Britain and France, held talks with Tramp in 2017 on nuclear ambitions deal with Iran. ...  Undoubtedly, the three countries of Germany, Britain, and France must respond to their behavior towards Iran and their unwillingness to agree to nuclear deal. ..

germany demands reparations for towels lost on d

On the anniversary of D Day landings, Germany has called for €3 in reparations for four million towels, 4,000 umbrellas and 2,000 reclining chairs lost during the invasion. 'We were on the beaches first, claimed spokesman for Germany today, 'but of course we had repaired back to our..

germany: citizenship for polygamous migrants?

In June 2016, then Justice Minister Heiko Maas, in interview with Bild, said that Germany would not recognize polygamous marriages, specific measures to limit the practice. ... The editor of Bild, Patrick Markowski, expressed frustration over the refusal of Germany's political class to..

germany: who killed daniel h.?

Germany’s Greens and Left party subsequently demanded Maassen resign. Around this time, public broadcaster ARD also revealed that Maassen had tipped off Germany’s right-wing populist Alternative for Germany (AFD) party about an investigation into the organization by his..

fighting the far right in germany

the background to all of this, particularly when it comes to German Democratic Republic is the very uneven development between East Germany and West Germany since reunification the takeover by West of East German economy.. ... There is regular organising happening with, again, focus on..

war finance (germany)

Nevertheless, the share of Germany's war costs covered by taxation, were lower than that of the other belligerents 13.9 percent for Germany versus 18.2 percent for Great Britain.. ... That the public accepted this transition to currency system was due large part to the publicity of..

britain and germany - an alliance of values

And I'm delighted that Germany has been elected to serve on Security Council later today, Heiko Maas and I will discuss how our missions New York can best cooperate on areas of common interest, including Libya and Darfur.. ... So let me say in response, Britain shares the admiration and warmth..

germany is preparing for economic war

In White Paper, the coalition of Christian Democrats and Social Democrats had committed to massive rearmament of Bundeswehr to impose Germany's worldwide interests by military means. ... This is what Germany government is also aiming for. German and European policy that suppressed..

as germany goes

Germany's as the locomotive and leader of the bloc has been crucial for the last decade and the timing could not have been worse for the cracks to start showing Europe's economy. ... Overall, it would appear that Germany acts multiple challenges could surface, threatening the future of..

the ku klux klan is growing—in germany

Police in eight German states led raids last week on suspected members of group called National Socialist Knights of Ku Klux Klan Deutschland, name that glorifies both American Klan and Nazi party of Germany's past. ... The raids on the group come German and author of book on..

germany losing the third world war

Germany losing Third World War 12 04 pm, January 17, 2019. Third World War is the War on CO2. ... Bookmark the permalink.. ← The state of Responses to Germany losing Third World War. #2909733, posted on January 17, 2019 at 12 pm. ..

mesolithic cuisine analyzed in germany

DRESDEN, GERMANY — team of scientists led by Anna Shevchenko of Max Planck Institute for Molecular Cell Biology has analyzed food residues in pots unearthed at Mesolithic site of Friesack 4. ... Aztec, Ötzi's last meal, Roman whalers, and Germany's oldest public library... ..

'religious policy in germany lacks a concept'

The approximately four Muslims living Germany and the growing group of those without denomination are disadvantaged Christianity, and the major two churches., says Ulrich Willems.. ... According to the volume editors, as diverse range of opinions as possible and to provide glimpse of the..

islam classes in germany

DORTMUND, Germany  — It was the week of Islam class, and the teacher, Mansur Seddiqzai, stood in front of roomful of Muslim teens and pointed to the sentence on the chalkboard behind him. ... First, Muslims were never part of Germany's history until the 1960s, with the influx of..

germany on a political seesaw

Friedrich Merz as the knight in shining armor rescuing Germany’s slithering economy while strengthening its armed forces; what a frightening nightmare! ... The bigger menace is the Alternative for Germany (AfD), now with representatives in every state legislature after its gains in..

germany invades norway, again

Yet I had been proclaiming for two years, over the air and in Plain Truth, that Germany would once again come to economic and military power, heading 10-nation resurrection of Roman Empire... In the latest issue of German Council on Foreign Relations, Michael Rühle, head of Energy Security Unit in..

1918-2018: france and germany mourn

In Germany there has been ingratitude and contempt for the former combatants from African colonies, ing the black troops. ... including 28 Soviet troops and Germans, while France, collaborating with Nazis, was spared, France and Germany are now pacified, and to all appearances..


Germany now finds in the dilemma since it rejoined West in the 1950s by becoming member of NATO and EU. ... Yes, Nord Stream pipeline undermines trust between Germany and its Eastern European neighbors. ..

germany seeks skilled migrants

Germany's Minister of Labor Hubertus Heil, Economic Affairs Minister Peter Altmaier and Interior Minister Horst Seehofer present the framework for skilled workers, at press conference on October 2, 2018 Berlin, Germany ... ... By contrast, the leader of the anti-immigration party..

germany aligns with our palestinian enemy -

Or is it that Germany is perhaps assuming the right to decide for Jewish people in the land of Israel what its future will be.. ... At first, Germany refrained from voicing its displeasure with Israel's conduct, and recent years, under Merkel, Germany has allowed to cross line..

germany: a tale of two conservatisms

Alternative für Deutschland party attached themselves to Chemnitz demonstrations, leading SPD figures to call for the party to be put under surveillance for activity This was resisted by both Seehofer and Maaßen. ... By rallying against Merkel and adopting the policies and politics of AfD,..

we need to keep talking about germany

The point being, that if CO2 is the culprit then CO2 reduction becomes goal and Germany's efforts have not achieved the result. ... Germany's industry now has intensity of almost 800 kWh. Next door, France achieves intensity well below Germany's at about 50g kWh and has..

too early to ease russia bans: germany

©AFP Germany says it's too early to discuss lifting European Union's economic sanctions against Russia over Moscow's alleged in Ukraine crisis... ... France and Germany, the former staunch supporters of the sanctions, calling for rethink of the decision.. ..

kurds in germany slam ankara

Some 15,000 people take part in Germany's western city of Dusseldorf against Turkey's crackdown on Kurds, December 26, 2015 Thousands of Kurds Germany have held demonstration against the ongoing crackdown by Turkish on Kurdish Turkey.. ... Photographs of PKK, Abdullah Ocalan, were..

germany must confront muslim anti-semitism

Last week, the media that due to anti-Semitic crimes, he 'cannot advise Jews to wear the kippah everywhere all Germany That's another way of saying that Germany has become dangerous no-go area for people. ... The mainstream narrative is that old-school German nationalists and Alternative..

germany and russia’s secret war against america

I think it's very sad, where you're supposed to be guarding against Russia, and Germany goes out and pays billions and billions of dollars year to Russia... ... they Putin to shut off gas supplies to nations Eastern Europe, and Baltic nations while keeping supplies flowing to Germany.. ..

trump denounces germany and europe at nato summit

NATO summit opened Brussels in atmosphere, as US President Donald Trump denounced Germany and other European countries in NATO alliance. ... Trump had attacked Nordstream-2 gas pipeline from Russia to Germany via Baltic Sea, insisting that Europe buy more expensive natural gas from..

turkey asks germany to arrest coup suspect

Turkey's Foreign Affairs Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu addresses joint press conference following EU- Turkey High Level Political Dialogue meeting at EU headquarters Brussels, Belgium, July 25, 2017 Turkey has asked Germany to arrest and extradite major suspect in the coup attempt of July 2016. ... ..

germany: groundbreaking trial for congo war crimes

. © 2009 Michael Kavanagh - The trial of two Rwandan rebel leaders arrested Germany for alleged war crimes and crimes against in Democratic Republic of Congo makes the world smaller place for suspected war criminals, today.. On May 4, 2011, judges Stuttgart, Germany, will begin hearing..

germany commended on international court

- Human Rights Watch today praised Germany's of Rome Treaty for International Criminal Court, the move would help achieve the court's early establishment. . ... Throughout the treaty negotiations for ICC Rome in 1998, Germany played in thwarting the efforts of some major powers to weaken..

germany struggles to roll with the changes

With frustrations rising the government's attempts to make it easier for many of Germany's 7.3 foreign residents to become citizens has inflamed controversy over whether Germany should become nation or maintain its Teutonic identity.. Germany - with porous borders exposed to..

e. germany struggles not to split before unity

By putting off decision on the timing of unification with, EAST BERLIN — East Germany's ruling coalition avoided collapse on Sunday West Germany.. ... Prime Minister Lothar de Maiziere's Christian Democrats, plus East German parties, want the fought under the separate laws of East and..

new e. germany seeks deliverance from past

In series of resolutions, the parliament assured Poland that its border with East Germany is inviolable, demanded that Germany maintain East Germany's constitutional guarantees of work and housing, and agreed that Germany should join NATO if the alliance changes its..

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