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Equally important, many Germans and many people around the world agreed with the economic policies that Hitler was employing to lead Germany out of Depression.. ... We have the quota system, only number of Germans could be permitted to enter to United States, and the quota was already..

no one trusts the us government

By the front group shows that, Atlantic Bridge, German front organization set up by Washington to propagandize Germans to serve Washington, has failed in job.   ...   By margin of two to one, Germans China as more for Germany than US.  . ..

german colonialism part 5

In the fifth and last part of our series on German colonialism, we look at the work of activists and members of German African community with regard to Germany's Africa.. This period of history is well-known on African side, and lot of Germans remain oblivious to it.. ..

on the persistence of german war guilt

At the time, for at least three generations of Germans, the question of their war guilt has been integral part of the reconstruction and re-presentation of their society. ... Of course, the allies, especially United States was very much interested in cultivating this sense of evil among..

the dark history of the european union

He wrote that, prior to the war, Germans had grand aims to defeat Russia, push back Slavs, and expand German in Central Europe. ... This vision drove the economic plans of both Nazis and EU's founding fathers. he old medieval dream of empire has never quite left Germans..

herder — father of nationalism part i

Herder believed that the key to Germanre of Volk and the spirit of German ancestors lay in the study of Roman Tacitus's of German tribal society, Germania. Germans, were living wall against which the fury of Huns, Hungarians, Mongols, and Turks dashed to pieces... .. original

That battle cost British far more sunken ships and drowned sailors than Germans, and also caused Germans to retire their surface fleet to port and never again challenge Royal Navy in open water combat.. Finally, by year-end 1916 German generals who had destroyed Russian armies..

the day the guns fell silent

In Meuse-Argonne Offensive, Americans and French fought Germans for six weeks in 1918. ... In German trenches, joyous soldiers shouted that the war was over, and threw weapons and gear toward American lines, according to Persico.. ..

the tragedy of america's entry into world war i

Kerensky balked and soon relented, feeling he had no choice Russians took American money and launched new offensives against Germans July and August of 1917. Instead, Germans might have supported Kerensky and stabilized Russia to the eventual chaos there that fall. ..

remembering world war ithe american spectator

Still, John Keegan, the late distinguished British historian, points out that Americans in force was deeply depressing to Germans, trounced Italians and Romanians, demoralized French and, at the very least, denied British clear-cut victory... ... During the War, Germans stripped Belgium..

in the final hours of world war i, a terrible toll

Anti- German sentiment ran high and Gunther and his family Baltimore were subjected to the kind of prejudice and suspicion that many of German descent faced at the time... ... By that time, Canadians were retaking Mons southern Belgium, where soldiers from British Commonwealth had their..

the unremembered war

Basu's book says, 'They all the theatres of war, from Western Front, to the deserts of Africa and Middle East, Palestine, Mesopotamia, Gallipoli and Egypt, where again they prevented Turks and Germans from accessing Suez Canal and let British retain control of the oil fields of Basra. ... ..

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 hordes of Christians in Rhine Valley headed north to convert or kill Jews in German communities   Christian on Christian of the 30 years war was perhaps Europe ever endured until Century.. ... By letting Greece join the Euro, Germans let their irresponsible country cousins use their..

the tragedy of the jews of rhodes ‎

ago, Habib discovered that in April 1944, Italian police on Rhodes handed lists of Jewish ‎population over to Germans. The ships that would take them the rest of the way were waiting at the island of Samos because Germans wanted to add transport of Jews from Kos. ..

germans slam berlin's alignment with us on syria

Germans Berlin demonstrate to demand that the government review its stance toward Syria, April 15, 2017. ... Another protester, identified as Ulrich, said German government had become in the hands of Washington, adding that Berlin had failed to adopt independent policies regarding..

jews, poles & nazis: the terrible history

Polish London, gave the murder of Jews as reason for British and Americans to carry out retributions against German civilians. ... Jewish armed rebellion against German rule in General Government, Warsaw Ghetto Uprising of April May 1943, had aimed not at survival except rather at the..

worst wildfires in california's history

Especially scandalous was the disregard of the right of self-determination of Germans Memelland, Silesia, in Sudetenland and German-Austria... ... The logic is undeniable The spirit of Nazism that caused World War ii was not born of animosity among Germans toward the Treaty of..

10 genocides forgotten by history

Tensions between Germans and the locals rose, their only livelihood, were taken from them. ... On February 23, 1944, the population of Chechens and Ingush were ordered to local party buildings where they were were being deported for helping Germans. ..


generation of Germans has never known anything and Kohl's leadership, and Schroeder's slick campaign, bent above all on avoiding mistakes and conveying image of modernity, has struck chord with the many. ... But with century beckoning, new economy posing challenges to Germany's long-cohesive..

it's not yet time to diminish nato

Stripping aside the diplomatic niceties, the issue comes down to this French and some Germans believe West Europe must establish identity - even at the expense of NATO and United States. ... For Soviet republics, for Germans and for all, NATO remains the only group on the horizon that..

soviets, west germans edge closer on nato

MOSCOW — President Mikhail Gorbachev and West German Chancellor Helmut Kohl indicated Sunday that their governments are close to agreement that would clear the way for Germany to be member of NATO.. ... When pressed on the issue, that put the number at 350,000, half the troop strength of West..

the truth behind britain’s rush to war, 1914

Fourth, there is no trail of evidence in German documents that confidence in the power of British Radicals to keep Britain neutral encouraged German militarists to risk war. ... Germans could also point to what did happen in 1914 Russians did invade East Prussia, British did..

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