the myth of the nazi war machine

Later, the inflexibility of defenses and no-retreat commands that allowed encirclement of key German forces replayed in reverse the inflexibility of Maginot line and Stalin's mistakes, showing that the fascist system prevented learning from one's enemy and even robbed Germans of their own..

how the joseph stalin tank finished off nazi germany

When in early 1943, Germans deployed en masse new  Tiger heavy on Eastern Front, Soviets realized they had major problems. ... IS-2 was the tank of anti-Hitler coalition able to somehow withstand the fire of German 88 mm Flak 18 36 37 41, one of WWII anti-air and anti-tank weapons. ..

eastern germans voting nazism, again!

It included hate speeches, thuggish violence, Germany for Germans chants, open antisemitism, Hitler salutes, the hunting of anyone not German-looking and attack on Jewish restaurant. ... More importantly, AfD imports from western Germany like Kalbitz, Gauland and Björn Höcke have..

30 years after fall of berlin wall, east germans feel

BERLIN - majority of Germans in the East feel like second-class citizens almost three decades government report showed on Wednesday... ... The annual report on 'the state of German unity also cited recent survey carried out for the government showing that 57% of Germans felt like..

Due to gun laws, bureaucracy and the lack of in safe country, it's rare for German to own firearm. ... Bible foretells that Germans desire for security will drive them to accept another leader. ..

germans under siege

It's situation that German media averts its eyes from overwhelmingly, the victims of migrant crime.. By least one migrant suspect, in 2018 230 Germans fell victim to the crimes of murder and manslaughter, committed, while 33 asylum seekers were killed by German suspects.. ..

why do so many germans see islam as a threat?

For Germans living eastern states, the number of people who feel this way 57 percent is higher than those in the west of the country where 50 percent view the religion as threat... ... Along with the anti- Islam sentiment, many people also feel against Angela Merkel and German elite. ..

whose side is germany on?

Germans have registered decreasing solidarity with U.S., especially among Germans, particularly and U.S from Paris Climate Accords. survey by Pew Research Center and Germany by Korber-Stiftung in the fall of 2018, showed that Germans are much more negative toward U.S than..

when muslims saved jewish lives

According to International School for Holocaust Studies, Albanians did not turn over Jew to Germans.. ... Among Albanians was Jew whom Germans planned to assassinate.. While he was distracting German soldiers, he gave Jew melon containing message instructing him to jump out..

2019 june 07newsbiscuit

We welcome Mrs Merton of Germans, and hundred years ago she would have been wearing the moustache of Adolf Chaplin guy you see shouting in the old silent black and white movie... ..

germans for brexit

But German of Brexit is still that it's the work of the wrong kind of people. ... I got lot of inspiration for the book from EU-critical Germans, such as Hans Magnus Enzensberger and anti-Nazi Kurt Schumacher. ..

no one trusts the us government

By the front group shows that, Atlantic Bridge, German front organization set up by Washington to propagandize Germans to serve Washington, has failed in job.   ...   By margin of two to one, Germans China as more for Germany than US.  . ..

eyewitness to revolution

Tens of thousands of East Germans vacationed Hungary every summer, and border with West could bring about migration of East Germans, considering that hundreds had already been killed attempting to flee to West Germany via East German border. ..

the day the guns fell silent

In Meuse-Argonne Offensive, Americans and French fought Germans for six weeks in 1918. ... In German trenches, joyous soldiers shouted that the war was over, and threw weapons and gear toward American lines, according to Persico.. ..

coyote blog » international affairs

 hordes of Christians in Rhine Valley headed north to convert or kill Jews in German communities   Christian on Christian of the 30 years war was perhaps Europe ever endured until Century.. ... By letting Greece join the Euro, Germans let their irresponsible country cousins use their..

the tragedy of the jews of rhodes ‎

ago, Habib discovered that in April 1944, Italian police on Rhodes handed lists of Jewish ‎population over to Germans. The ships that would take them the rest of the way were waiting at the island of Samos because Germans wanted to add transport of Jews from Kos. ..

germans slam berlin's alignment with us on syria

Germans Berlin demonstrate to demand that the government review its stance toward Syria, April 15, 2017. ... Another protester, identified as Ulrich, said German government had become in the hands of Washington, adding that Berlin had failed to adopt independent policies regarding..

jews, poles & nazis: the terrible history

Polish London, gave the murder of Jews as reason for British and Americans to carry out retributions against German civilians. ... Jewish armed rebellion against German rule in General Government, Warsaw Ghetto Uprising of April May 1943, had aimed not at survival except rather at the..

10 facts everyone forgets about world war ii

Bulgaria joined Axis in 1941 and was used to launch attack on Yugoslavia by Germans in return for slice of Yugoslav territory.. In 1942, Romanian troops were the weak link, exploited by Soviets to encircle Germans at Stalingrad, turning the tide on Eastern Front. ..

the 1914 analogy

At the time, British felt that the Anglo- German rivalry was the rivalry, and British tended to see every mishap that occurred to them as German-inspired. Germans, for their part, saw British plots everywhere and, in, British and Germans behaved rather like Americans..

e. germans vote: unity fast or slow

The method, favored by Kohl's Christian Democrats, is for the newly elected East German parliament simply to ask, and it's granted. ... Eastern version of another West German party, Social Democratic Party, dislike for the party's talk of slowing down the reunification drive.. ..

the truth behind britain’s rush to war, 1914

Fourth, there is no trail of evidence in German documents that confidence in the power of British Radicals to keep Britain neutral encouraged German militarists to risk war. ... Germans could also point to what did happen in 1914 Russians did invade East Prussia, British did..

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