5 times russia could have ceased to exist

Napoleon's army of over 600 thousand soldiers marched through Russia and took Moscow, there was nothing more for Napoleon to conquer and then war against French was underway, their ammo and sustenance were scarce, lines constant jeopardy, while Russian army was waiting to retaliate. ..

rapprochement with russia?

A week before the summit, French President Emanuel Macron received Vladimir Putin for talks at his summer residence on the Côte d’Azur. ... In his 27 August speech to the French diplomatic corps, President Macron called for an “audacious” foreign policy, effectively one that would..

french lawyers, doctors, nurses protest pension changes

French lawyers, doctors, nurses, pilots and others are taking to the streets of Paris to protest planned pension changes by French President Emmanuel Macron's government. PARIS — Thousands of French professionals, including lawyers and doctors, took to the streets of Paris..


French far-right Rassemblement National party, Front National, held its post-summer congress this weekend in the town of Fréjus, when its Marine Le Pen set out the party's policies ahead of municipal elections to be held across the in six months time. ... Mediapart turned to Rachel Saada,..

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