tug of war over commission president drags on

On the other hand French president is reacting to German view that Europe and the largest group in EU Parliament, European People's Party, to Commission presidency. ... But from Paris's point of view it's not democracy except 'partocracy And that's annoying for Paris because it's Germans rather..

prelude to civil war: francis graham wilson on spain

He was also political and Catholic convert who appreciated the role of Catholic Church Spain and saw in the animosity toward religion of French ideologues. ... With the introduction into Spain of French esprit revolutionnaire that accompanied Napoleon's conquest, many Spanish..

in defence of party building – international socialism

They were well aware of how the First International grew out of the trade unions, how the Second International was a federation of broad workers’ parties (and the strengths and weaknesses of that), of the many different stages in the emergence and development of the Bolshevik Party, of the debate as to..


TEHRAN (FNA)- US President Donald Trump has promised his French counterpart Emanuel Macron to rejoin the Paris Agreement in return for France's efforts to coax Iran into making concessions on its missile and regional policies. . ..

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