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‘Not a single new idea has come out of eastern Europe in 1989’, François Furet, the great historian of the French Revolution, famously observed ... As Poland’s Adam Michnik later confessed, ‘My obsession has been that we should have a revolution that [does] not resemble the French..

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His publications include The Great Wall of China: From History to Myth (1989) also in Chinese and Italian; The Modernization of Inner Asia (1991); How the Peace Was Lost: The 1935 Memorandum “Developments Affecting American Policy in the Far East” Prepared for the State Department by John Van Antwerp..

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KDP and PUK Exchange Recriminations Ammar al-Hakim Threats to Oppose Government Iraq Continues Mediating Between Iran and Gulf States On June, Iraqi President Barham Salih met with German, French and UK ambassadors Baghdad. ... Iraqi Courts Will Begin Offering Documentation to Children Born under..

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