the french quagmire – international socialism

French flags, the Marseillaise and “Marianne”—the gendered personification of the French nation—are foreign to the French left and traditionally prevalent on right-wing mobilisations (apart from Jean-Luc Mélenchon’s 2017 presidential election campaign). ... Second, the..

fascism in europe today – international socialism

Wolfreys, Jim, 2002, 'The Centre Cannot Hold Fascism, The Left and the Crisis of French Politics., International Socialism 95, Wolfreys, Jim, 2013, European Extreme Right in Comparative Perspective., in, Andrea Mammone, Emmanuel Godin, and Brian Jenkins, Varieties of Right Wing Extremism Europe .. ..

the expense of the american dream

The United Kingdom fought nearly forty years to defeat the French Revolution in Europe, while the United States helped to defeat it in the western hemisphere. ... Quite the contrary, the Haitian Revolution forced the “enlightened” French in Bordeaux to accept that liberté, egalité et..

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