nato in the age of putin and trump

So at the end of a difficult meeting with de Gaulle, having confirmed that the US would duly remove its troops, Rusk asked if they should also remove from French soil the bodies of some 60,000 US soldiers who had died there fighting for French freedom in two world wars. ... The..

hunting dinosaurs in central africa

Gibbons’s list of sightings during this period reads like a catalogue of colonial independence movements: Canadian missionaries sighting a large snake-headed, four-legged reptile while driving through the Rift Valley of Kenya during the 1952–60 Mau Mau Rebellion against British rule; an English employee..

whose war?

(When the French ambassador in London, at a dinner party, asked why we should risk World War III over some “shitty little country”—meaning Israel—Goldberg’s magazine was not amused.) . ..

the lies of algerian power

Born of family which collaborated with French occupier, that he had, on the contrary, participated in the struggle for national liberation. • In 1965, he was the last person to Mehdi Ben Barka. ... The only thing that is certain, is that Wahhabite social projects replaced State in the..

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