our european self-deception

One could be Reaganite who loved Russian and Polish Catholic who despised French state capitalism and loved French culture and hated Germans, all the more so if one took into account the practices of tennis or hunting, along with the international contacts linked to such practices. ... ..

european others

Centring on the Enlightenment and French Revolution and reaching back to Greek and Roman Empires, and forward to include the celebratory realities of World War II, fascism and Stalinism, linear of Europeanness has been constructed and is used as foundation for identity that transcends national..

antisemitism on parade – everything old is new again

Most people thought antisemitism had been relegated to the trash bin of history after Hitler and millions of his willing German-Polish-Austrian-French-Swiss-Belgium executioners, with savage premeditation, murdered six-million Jews in the 1930s and '40s, and the world, significantly after the fact,..

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