mises on fascism, democracy, and other questions

According to Ruggiero, the works of the French liberal 'very properly became a butt for the satire of Socialists,' since in them 'the hostility towards the State which marks the earlier Liberalism finds … a singularly crude and grotesque expression.' ... Such rebukes — and they are routine —..

the prophet of envy

His first book, Deceit, the Novel, and Desire, published French in 1961 treated the novels of Cervantes, Stendhal, Flaubert, Dostoevsky, and Proust as forensic evidence of the essential structures of desire, of literary characters and of those. ... The book's conversations with Benoît Chantre,..

apocalypse when?

French gas prices are now over $7 a gallon. Would Americans accept a similar scenario here if we embraced flawed climate change 'science' and its pronouncements of doom, our markets crashed and the economy spiraled out of control? ..

french yellow vests: overthrow the government!

Between cuts to social services, tax increases and other austerity measures, the yellow vests testify to the suffocation of French population given stagnant wages and the continual rise of living costs.. ... On Réunion Island, French overseas department, the movement of the yellow..

cuba’s first military doctors (part 1)

After leading the National Liberation Front to victory over French domination in 1962, Ahmed Ben Bella was elected as the first president of Algeria.  ... The “French Congo” was sometimes referred to as Congo Brazzaville from the name of its capital, or the Congo. ..

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