chapter fifteen: the communist roots of terrorism

The terms “terrorism” and “terrorist” first appeared in 1795 as a reference to the Reign of Terror during the French Revolution, [1] which laid the foundations for the communist movement (see Chapter Two of this book). . ... Examining the violence of the French Revolution, Kautsky..

a major faux pas in paris

They forget, or do not know, that French soldiers and sailors delivered decisive victories over British forces during American Revolution.  A key cause of French Revolution was bankruptcy caused by King Louis heavy spending on military help to the US war of independence.. ..

the meaning of a multipolar world

On November 9th, Russian Television headlined “‘Very insulting’: Trump bashes Macron’s idea of European army for protection from Russia, China & US” and reported that “US President Donald Trump has unloaded on his French counterpart Emmanuel Macron, calling the French.. original

In the first, the Germans wagered everything on a massive offensive designed to overrun the French fortresses of Verdun. ... The second event was its mirror image – the massive British and French offensive known as the Second Battle of the Somme. ..

rsf concerned by deteriorating press freedom in gabon

Gabon's Media Owners Organization issued statement condemning HAC's mounting authoritarianism, which has included arbitrary sanctions on three Gabonese newspapers and French TV channel in less than six months.. In August, RSF condemned HAC's ban on local broadcasting by French TV channel..

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