when french identity died

And is that what he means for French which happens to be the language of country that wo not be in EU much longer. ... He could have asked, too, and are irremediably hostile to, French history and French culture, are for those very reasons not likely to attain. ..

pictures of the month: october

Two French collectors are preparing to mark the 100th anniversary of the end of World War One by opening up to visitors their home and the 3,000 objects it contains related to the 1914-1918 conflict. . ..

life must go on during a military occupation

While we're here Geneva Conventions were drafted in equally English and French versions, while by 1977 it was seen fit to create authentic versions of Additional Protocols in the six official languages of United Nations — Arabic, Chinese., English, French, Russian, and Spanish. ..

lendix is now called october – techcrunch

French startup Lendix is changing its name to October. The company is using this opportunity to redesign its branding assets and refresh the design of the website for new users. ... October had to change its name for multiple reasons, including the fact that Lendix sounds bit too..

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