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I knew Ballard Spahr had also represented the serial liar Christine Blasey Ford in her attempt to destroy the reputation and career of Brett Kavanaugh. ... I knew Ballard Spahr had also represented the serial liar Christine Blasey Ford in her attempt to destroy the reputation and career of..

christine ford vs. brett kavanaugh

To hear GOP and GOP-friendly commentators, both Christine Ford and Brett Kavanaugh are highly credible... Of course, that Ford was telling the truth when she claimed that she was assaulted by Judge Kavanaugh.  ..

high drama as kavanaugh, ford hearing underway

The hearing was the time the country saw Ford beyond the grainy photo that has been flashed on in the 10 days since she came forward with her contention. ... Ford planned to tell the committee that, one in the summer of 1982, Kavanaugh forced her down on bed, groped me and tried to take..

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Students and congressional alumni shared messages of support for Christine Blasey Ford and expressed unease about the greater implications of Supreme Court Brett Kavanaugh's confirmation. Ford and Kavanaugh testified Thursday before Senate Judiciary Committee regarding Ford's.....

kavanaugh salvages his nomination

Diane Feinsten miscalculated strategy, holding letter from Blasey-Ford for six weeks before Judiciary Committee's expected vote. ... Blasey-Ford listened to Democrat senators on Committee thanking her for courage and, going further, Sen. ..

angry kavanaugh denies ford’s accusation

Angry Kavanaugh Denies Ford's Accusation.. WASHINGTON — Emotionally battling to rescue his Supreme Court, Brett Kavanaugh fought back Thursday against allegations that he'd assaulted Christine Blasey Ford telling Congress that allegations by her and others have totally permanently..

power line

I caught only bits and pieces of Christine Ford's testimony, have seen some of the commentary on it. ... The consensus of the commentariat is that Ford was credible.. ..

more victims as kavanaugh hearing looms

Followed by Christine Blasey-Ford and Deborah Ramirez, Avenatti's bombshell comes 24-hours before Blasey-Ford's high-stakes in Senate Judiciary Committee. ... With such speculation, Blasey-Ford has her work cut out for her convincing GOP members of the Judiciary Committee that..

ford’s lawyers submit affidavits backing story

WASHINGTON — Christine Blasey Ford's lawyers said Wednesday they have given Senate sworn affidavits from four people. At U.N., meanwhile, on the eve of Senate Judiciary Committee hearing with Kavanaugh and Ford that Republicans could not be nicer, could not be more respectful in their..

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Barresford, Taking Long View The Roots and Mission of Ford Foundation,  Speeches, February 28, 2005, available at http www fordfoundation org newsroom speeches 149 as of August 8, 2011. ^. Edwin Black, Global News Service of Jewish People, Anti- Israel Activists at Durban were Funded by..


Ford had many friends Congress, on the heels of Democratic landslide he did not have lot of allies. In October 1973, Ford became the first person nominated for the office of president under Amendment. ..

ford praised by indiana republicans

Dick Lugar, R-Ind., Ford lost his bid for full presidential term. Ford became the first appointed in 1973 by virtue of Amendment, whose architect was former Indiana Sen. ... I heard Ford on the radio saying that politics works if people get involved, said Helmke, D.C. ..

legal news & commentary

Fromme found Ford assassination attempt.. On November 26, 1975, Charles Manson Lynette. Fromme was found guilty by Sacramento, California, of the assassination of President Gerald Ford... ..

court bars execution of insane killers

The court, ruling in the case of Alvin Ford, the murderer of Fort Lauderdale police officer, struck down Florida`s procedure for evaluating sanity and said new hearings must be held to determine whether Ford had gone insane while on Death Row.. ... Ford`s, Richard Burr, assistant..


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