assange arrested in london after seven years in ecuador

Julian Assange, 47, has today, Thursday April, been arrested by officers from Metropolitan Police Service at the Embassy of Ecuador, .. ... It was not immediately clear what prompted Ecuador to end Assange's stay in the embassy, or the extent of the diplomacy that led to the arrest. ..


In Ecuador, President Lenín Moreno has allied with his political opponents to implement conservative agenda, threatening to undo the country's strides in tackling poverty and inequality over the past decade... ..

we’re edging closer to nuclear war

Once while waiting for flight at Ecuador, I stared at giant map of the country that was painted on the terminal wall. Finally, I realized that on this map, its borders had been drawn to include territory in Amazon that Ecuador lost to Peru in the century and still claims. ..


Almost seven months ago, journalists Javier Ortega, Paul Rivas, and Efrain Segarra were abducted and killed at the border between Ecuador and Colombia. ... Historic alliance between IACHR, Ecuador & Colombia will investigate murder of. ..

the apple of discord in the cuban constitution

The document invoked Ecuador's constitution, its sovereignty, the millenarian roots of the women and men of Ecuador, the wisdom of all cultures and the social struggles for liberation, and pitted them against all forms of ideological colonialism.. ..

correction: ecuador-uk-assange story

Ecuador's president says his country and United Kingdom working on solution for Julian Assange that would allow Wikileaks founder to leave Ecuadorian Embassy London in the medium term... NEW YORK — Ecuador's president said Wednesday that his country and Britain working on solution for..

marjorie cohn

Ecuador's, Lenin Moreno,  accused  Assange of repeated violations to international conventions and daily-life protocols.. ... Ecuador's at the time, Ricardo Patino, said that without this protection,   Assange could suffer  political persecution or extradition to U.S where he might..

latin leaders reject clinton drug war

Clinton acknowledged that increased U.S aid to counter-narcotics operations Colombia, if successful, was to cause the problem to spill over the borders into neighboring countries such as Brazil, Ecuador, Peru and Venezuela. ... The measure is aimed at Ecuador and Paraguay, and it was..

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