a new reagan doctrine for a new cold war

'These actions, in conjunction with China's support for likeminded, illiberal partners and growing advocacy for its authoritarian model, have the potential to draw fragile democracies into China's orbit and away from the United States and the democratic West.' . . ..

how america's dictatorship works

For example, in the West Virginia Democratic Presidential in 2016,   Bernie Sanders won all 55 counties in the state and that state's to Democratic National Convention handed 19 of the state's 37 votes at Convention to his opponent, Hillary Clinton. ..

poland's muslim ban :: daniel pipes

People who today are scared by some of the radical ideas coming from the far-right should remember that many centrists of the 1970s regarded Germany's anti-establishment leftists such as Joschka Fischer — later to become Germany's foreign minister — as a threat to the capitalist, democratic..

2018 january

Registered Democrats in these will hold caucus on February 3, 2018, 10 00 a.m at Chelsea Library to elect delegates and alternates to Massachusetts Democratic State Convention. Plan West Chelsea. 385 Broadway, Suite 105 in Citizens Bank Building, Revere, MA 02151 485-0588 Fax 485-1403..

open source with christopher lydon

Instead, they're asking big questions about how to revitalize Democratic possibilities within the empire as Cornel West puts it. ... West takes Bernie Sanders's view, that Democratic Party elites want first class seats on Titanic.. ..

e. germans vote: unity fast or slow

Despite such doubts, that in the final days of East Germans leaned toward the political party that favors the quicker route to reunification - that affiliated with Kohl's Christian Democratic Union. Eastern version of another West German party, Social Democratic Party, dislike..


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