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Several politicians in the country have accused the protesters of seeking to bring down the democratic process Iraq and following US, Israeli or Saudi agendas to destabilize the country.. ..

biden is doubling down on iraq war lies

In the recent second Democratic debate, however, Biden took his lies about Iraq to new heights by claiming, From the moment 'shock and awe started, from that moment, I was opposed to the effort, and I was outspoken as much as anyone at all in Congress.. ... In, Obama and Biden tried to..


TEHRAN (FNA)- Iranian President Hassan Rouhani underlined his country's willingness to further broaden close ties with Baghdad, saying that Tehran wants a secure and democratic Iraq. . . . . ..

u.s.-iran discussions called positive

There was broad agreement on the principles governing U.S. and Iranian policy toward Iraq. Both sides stated their support for a secure, stable, democratic, federal Iraq that is in control of its own security and at peace with its neighbors, Crocker said at the news briefing. . ..

the cia democrats: part two

There are 57 candidates for Democratic in 44 congressional districts who boast in Iraq and Afghanistan, at State Department, or some combination of all three. We've already reviewed the cases of Elissa Slotkin, running Michigan's District, and Gina Ortiz Jones, Air Force Iraq,..

amanda sloat

Prior to government service, Sloat was senior program officer with National Democratic Institute, including work Iraq with Council of Representatives. ..

5 lessons of the iraq war – global public square

After surviving under Saddam Hussein, sanctions, and war, Iraq’s Christians have fled the new democratic Iraq, fearful of their lives, to the point that there are now almost no traces of Christian Iraqis, people who have lived in those lands since the days of the gospels. . ..


this represents constructive change in tactics, which both opens the door to diplomatic solutions Iraq and might diffuse some of Democratic of Congress.. They should be about solving Iraq's problems and helping to stabilize Baghdad. ..

bush, german leader patch up iraq differences

We working together Afghanistan, adding that he appreciated Schroeder's efforts to help establish Iraq as peaceful and stable and democratic country... The chancellor made opposition to war with Iraq key part of his re-election campaign last year -- position said to have..

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