merkel and the future of the european union

Here are some of the analyzes on the concerns and concerns of German Chancellor on European Union and the Eurozone. As Guardian reported, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary into accepting Dutch Frans Timmermans, critic of populist governments, as European commission president,..

the futility of populism

By no means the significant of elections, None of 'Euro-skeptic parties are campaigning to leave EU and EU election, more often forum for simple protest votes, saw about equal increase for left wing parties as populist parties. Plus European populist parties have their own..

it’s the fragmentation, stupid!

The 2019 European elections did not bring what the media had promised us, i.e. a populist takeover of the European Union, or at least the European Parliament, so they quickly lost interested. ... Populist radical right parties increased their presence within the..

"europe will not be europe"

Commenting on the results of European elections -- and noting that populist movements will have no weight in European Parliament that Greens gaining ground that Islamization will not stop, and that anti-Semitism will continue to rise -- Éric Zemmour said on television that Europe..

why left wing populism is not enough

By the many sensitivities that such ideology holds, Throughout the century, the popular movements that most improved the quality of life and well-being of the working class and popular classes, in European democratic countries were those rooted in the ideology, represented. ..

a democratic constitution for the european union

European Movement Italy and Academic Agora Europe network have listed ten priorities for united, democratic and Europe, as instrument of in globalised world that will be submitted to parties and candidates.. It also is response to the vision of the secretary of German Christian..

human rights: a reactionary cause

The existence of a human-rights framework owes everything to the attempts of postwar elites to centralise economic and political control over the European continent and to manage the democratic will of European peoples. . . ... Marco Duranti’s The Conservative Human Rights..

2018: year in review

It nearest, Jobbik, nationalist party, got 19 cent, meaning that 68 cent of Hungarians voted for right-wing, eurosceptic, populist parties.  In September European Parliament voted to take action against Hungary over alleged breaches of EU's core values. ..


Sep, 16 22 The Alliance of European National Movements and Alliance for Peace and Freedom have been struck off the list of European political parties. Sep, 17 46 Populist forces Hungary and Italy gearing up ahead of European parliament elections, Steve Bannon, embarks on..

what multiculturalism hides

Jan Keller is Czech Social Democrat Member of European Parliament, sociologist, analyst, commentator and author of more than 30 books, including Sociology of Organization and Bureaucracy or The Three Social Worlds. ..

in ferrara: a european picnic for a democratic

in Ferrara: A European picnic for a democratic uprising . GDR citizens showing Western Germany travel permits on 19 August 1989, in Sopron. . ... , a civil society organisation aimed at fostering a sense of European patriotism and promoting a United States of Europe. ..

eu takes aim at romania over rule of law

On Wednesday, it was the turn of Romanian Prime Minister Viorica Dancila, Social Democrat. She was reprimanded in European Parliament,  meeting Strasbourg, France, limit the independence of judges and prosecutors while also strangling nation's fight against corruption.. ..

dr simon kaye

Manuscripts reviewed for American Political Science Review, European Journal of Political Theory, Democratic Theory, Critical Review of International Social and Political Philosophy, and Swiss Political Science Review. ..

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