the green party is not the democrats’ problem

it's refrain from Democratic leaders and commentators, Green Party is not why Democrats lost to Bush and Trump.. ... Instead of telling Green Party to go away, or back Democratic ticket, Democrats should join Greens in fighting to abolish Electoral College and elect the..

how states like virginia go blue

In 1993 the governor was Democrat, one of two U.S senators was Democrat, Democrats held 7 of House seats, and Democrats controlled both House of Delegates and Senate. Next year, the governor will be Democrat, both U.S senators will be Democrats,..

assange arrested for exposing u.s. war crimes

Russiagate this whole raising because it plays into the hands of certain Democrats, Democratic Party, Democrats people call them, the media, to kind of dredge up the demons and ghosts of Cold War, run to the right of Trump. ... And at the core of the formation of the security..

anti-semitism in america

Republicans who use anti-Semitism to demonize Democratic Party, and Democrats who use anti-Semitism to demonize Republican Party, have something common they are both playing politics at the detriment of American Jews. Democrats must fight anti-Semitism within Democratic..

democrats need to be more democratic

Yet increasingly, Iowa Democrats don’t reflect the party’s demographics. ... Nationwide, Hispanics, now the largest and fastest-growing ethnic minority represent 20 per cent of the national population, while African-Americans, who overwhelmingly vote Democrat, represent 12 per cent. . ..

the test for sweden’s new government

All the establishment parties seemed agreed on is creating a cordon sanitaire around the radical right populist party, Sweden Democrats. In the end, Social Democrat-Green coalition formed reliant on support Parliament from Centre and Liberal parties.. ..

will kavanaugh realign racial politics?

Among the more aggressive voices from Democratic side of Senate Judiciary Committee fighting to derail Kavanaugh nomination, were two of the prominent black Democrats in the country — Cory Booker of New Jersey and Kamala Harris of California.. ... Booker and Harris are rooted more..

discrimination and conflicts in u.s. society

Overwhelming shares of Democrats and Democratic leaners say Muslims, blacks, gays and lesbians and Hispanics face lot or some in society today. ... Large majorities of Republicans and Republican leaners and Democrats and Democratic leaners say there are very strong or..

the new normal

this notwithstanding that Abraham Lincoln led the process of getting African Americans out of what was Democratic government chains, what did Democrats think was going to happen.. ... And what do Democrats think is going to happen.. Democratic Party leadership's..

rendell's actions a reason to leave the party

Rendell will also, due to his partnership with Arlen Specter, stab Democrat Joe Hoeffel in Hoeffel's U.S. ... Pennsylvania Democrats who want their values respected rather than horse-traded into oblivion by Democratic Leadership Council should leave Democratic Party. ..

another term for mr. marcus?

While acknowledging that his candidate for governor lost big-time, the veteran political boss touted Democrats otherwise ``impressive record. Marcus and Jonathan Pelto, manager for Democratic Barbara B. Kennelly, ing that Democrats might be better off choosing someone new when..

challengers target city council

Marotta, representative and councilman, is the candidate on Democratic slate... Democrats and Republicans say they are running on their records, and they list among their accomplishments three straight years of tax cuts, widescale renovations to city schools, and new emphasis on..

state demos get behind lingenfelter

Lingenfelter, historic documents dealer from Doylestown, Democrat Party. ... Currently, there are 25 Democrats and 24 Republicans. Democrats acknowledged that it will be difficult to get Democrat elected Bucks County. ..

vote in east of germany a clue to national trend

Watching the results closely will be Kohl's Christian Democratic Party and Social Democrats, who are expected to launch their campaign for December elections right after the vote is in.. ... Social Democrats control 27 of the 45 votes in that chamber, and Kohl's supporters might win..

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