shifting loyalties - politics

Democratic leaders have stated and restated their support for U.S.- Israel relationship, with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., declaring the alliance unbreakable and unshakeable.. ..

europe's new "munich": iran

In November, just days and while Iranian terror plots on European soil were under investigation, Iranian representatives met with EU Federica Mogherini Brussels to discuss in the framework of the unsigned, illegitimate nuclear deal.. ..

congress lets obama go it alone to fight isis

While Congress appears on track to review and even block final to prevent Tehran from developing nuclear weapon, it now looks as if Republicans and Democrats have abandoned efforts to rewrite President Obama's powers and timetable for waging war against ISIS terrorists Iraq and Syria.. ..

hady amr

Hady Amr is leader on range of socioeconomic and geopolitical issues facing Middle East with focus on Levant, Israeli-Palestinian relations and Gulf, Middle East economic growth, U.S public diplomacy, and countering violent extremism. ..

michael reagan

Michael Reagan is organizer with Seattle Solidarity Network and student at University of Washington where he studies the history of. ..


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