we are encouraged to have intervention to someone's risk for MCI, said the study's, Jeff Williamson, M.D., professor of gerontology and medicine at Wake Forest School of Medicine.. ..

venezuela experts

His work focuses on security trends and he has published on transnational organized crime, institutional crises Latin America, instability and in Americas. ..

eroding civil liberates

The recent report of International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance on global state of democracy released October, 2018 confirms that the expansion of democracy has come to in the past decade. ..

pity latin americans (and us too)

The dictator tends to favor conservative economic policies while, at the time, using his military and intelligence goons to round up and incarcerate unpatriotic critics and socialists, torture them, and even execute or disappear them. ..

what’s left in latin america?

The difficulty of discussing what is or what remains of Latin America today is that memories of US interventions enable some to argue that it's the threat from the 'eagle of the north that limits and threatens the freedom of manoeuvre of the left. ..

a dark hour in brazil

On one side, retired captain Jaír Bolsonaro, self-styled strongman and defender of torture from the far-right promising to rid the country of crime, leftism, correctness, and red tape. ..


American ...

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